Malware Removal Windows 10 – Instructions For Blue Screens

Malware Removal Windows 10

Another computer problem in the world order. This time an individual is having blue screen problems with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. What else is new in Microsoft land?

Here is their initial request:

"Scanning for malware and computer went to blue screen and will not boot. Can it be recovered?"

This individual was using a Dell Inspiron computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system installed. They were NOT able to use system restore. I was NOT able to remotely connect to this computer and you will find out the error soon enough.

Here is my response:

Are you able to boot into the advanced options? If so try command prompt safe mode with networking option. If you are unable to access the advanced options menu, then you can create a recovery drive.

You would need another computer with Windows 10 to create this USB flash drive. Anyways, you can type in this command to run a system file check:

sfc /scannow

I recommend running it two or three times. This individual could NOT download any remote support software. They received the following error message:

" not recognize as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file."

You are receiving this error when trying to download from the Internet, could be because your computer is having problems. I would recommend running malware, spyware, and virus scans. You can use my preferred spyware removal tool.

I can provide a link to the free version if you want. You can run a virus scan with Windows defender that is built into Microsoft Windows 10. What program were using to scan for malware?

This individual was NOT able to download anything from the Internet. Desperate times require desperate measures. You might be able to run a scan with Windows defender in command prompt.

I am looking for the exact command to run. Please type the following command including the quotes:

"%ProgramFiles%\Windows Defender\MpCmdRun.exe" -Scan -ScanType 1

You should be able to open up another command prompt with administrator rights while system file check scan is still running. This individual received a cannot find path specified error. This is a common occurrence in Microsoft Windows when malware, spyware, viruses have infected your computer.

Even a corrupt Microsoft Windows installation will cause these types of error messages. You can try this command instead:

"%ProgramFiles%\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe" -QuickScan

This command will try to open the Microsoft Windows Defender graphical user interface and perform a quick scan. This individual was still not able to start a Windows Defender virus scan. Can you browse to this folder?

C:\Program Files\Windows Defender

You would need to use this command twice to go to the root of C:

cd ..

Then type in:

cd Program Files

cd Windows Defender

If you are able to get to that directory you can enter these commands:

MpCmdRun.exe" -Scan -ScanType 1

MSASCui.exe" -QuickScan

After the system file check scan is complete then restart your computer and see if you are able to boot into normal windows mode. If you cannot then you can try performing a check disk scan. Type this command:

chkdsk c: /f /r

Type Y for yes at a volume in use message. Restart your computer and do not touch the keyboard. A check disk scan should begin within 10 seconds.

If a check disk scan does not begin, type the command again and schedule it again. Running system file check and check disk scans might fix your computer enough so that it will boot normally. This individual had been using Spyhunter to scan for malware.

These tactics did NOT fix this Microsoft Windows 10 problem. Have you tried a "Reset this PC"? After running system file check and check disk scans sometimes system restore and reset this PC will work.

If you do NOT have any important data on that computer, you might be able to perform a factory recovery or reset. You might find it in a F11 or F12 menu. You would press one of those keys before Windows tries to boot.

If you know your Dell service tag, then you can try to find out how to perform a factory reset on the Internet. Since I do NOT own any newer Dell computers, it is difficult for me to know what keystroke will take you to a factory reset option. I know that older Dell computers would sometimes include it in the F8 advanced boot options menu.

This is one of those cases where preventative maintenance may have been productive. Here is a gold tip. You should always make sure you have recovery media as soon as you purchase a new computer.

Most computer manufacturers are cheap and will not include recovery discs. However, most of them give you the ability to create recovery media. Create your recover media as soon as you receive your new computer.

Microsoft Windows 10 has another option to create recovery media. However, you would need a second computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system installed. You would then create a recovery drive with that second computer.

If you are technology proficient enough, you can take the hard drive out of this computer and install it in another computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. You would then perform your malware, spyware, and virus scans. You cannot perform a system file check in this manner.

However, you can perform a check disk scan. Also, you could use my preferred PC optimization tool to clean up junk files and the windows registry. If you are still not able to fix your Microsoft Windows 10 blue screen problem, then you potentially could purchase recovery discs from Dell,, and or

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Open Web Analytics – How to Install OWA WordPress Plugin

Open Web Analytics Plugin

Open Web Analytics is free and open source website visitor tracking software. This tool requires that you copy and pasted either JavaScript or PHP code into your websites index.html or index.php file. For example if you are using WordPress content management system then you would need to add this code to your index.php file.

One problem with this scenario is that you are editing a WordPress core file which will get over written each time you upgrade WordPress. Also, you may not want to get into the habit of editing WordPress core files. I searched for a n Open Web Analytics plugin that would inject code into each WordPress post or page so that I could track website visitors.

I found such a plugin called Open Web Analytics Plugin by Christian Schmidt. However, this plugin was developed nearly 7 years ago. This plugin may or may NOT work with newer WordPress versions.

Looks as if this plugin was abandoned years ago. Proceed with caution and is not responsible for problems with your website. I will now give you instructions on how to install and configure this plugin.

Login to your WordPress dashboard. Click on "Plugins". Now click on "Add New".

Type in "owa" without quotes into a search box. Look for "Open Web Analytics Plugin" by Christian Schmidt. Click on "Install Now".

Click on OK at the "Are you sure you want to install this plugin now" warning pop up. The plugin should download and install. Click on "Activate" to make this plugin live.

Under "Settings" there will be an option titled apropos "Open Web Analytics". Choose that option and you will taken to this plugins settings. This is where you configure this plugin to grab data from open web analytics that you already installed.

You have to enter your open web analytics site ID into the first field. You must login with your admin account into the open web analytics tracking system. Click on "Edit Profile" for the website that you want to integrate with WordPress.

You will see your "Site ID" under "Site Profile". This is a lengthy alphanumerical string. Copy and paste this site ID into the first configuration field in the WordPress plugin configuration. You can have this plugin track "Downloads".

You can add in the host name of the server where you installed open web analytics. This is entirely optional. For example I would enter in

The "Base URL of installation" should already be filled in with /owa/. For example if you installed open web analytics into the owa directory under your web root, then you should see /owa/. However, if you changed the installation folder on your web server from /owa/ to say /stats/ then you want to change /owa/ to /stats/ in this field. You can optionally track the admin user with this tool.

Place a check next to "Track the admin user too". Now click on "Update Settings". Now you get to test if this plugin is working. Browse to your website so that this open web analytics detects a visitor.

In the open web analytics administrator back end you should see:

0 Visits 0 Page Views 0.00 % Bounce Rate

Now that you just visited your website, you should see some statistics for your website. Click on "Tracked Sites" from the main administrator dashboard. should show at least this:

1 Visits 1 Page Views 100.00 % Bounce Rate

If you were to click on an addition page you should see this:

1 Visits 2 Page Views 0.00 % Bounce Rate

This plugin injects tracking code into each WordPress post and page. You should begin to see more website statistics now that you have properly configured this plugin. This saves you the time from having to manually copy JavaScript or PHP code into your website index.html or index.php file.

Open Web Analytics – How to Install Free OWA Software in 10 Minutes

Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics is free and open source software that helps you track your website visitors. This software is similar to Google Analytics. Once upon a time there was some other free open source software called Trace Watch.

However, that software is no longer supported. I then turned towards Open Web Analytics, when I had either my own virtual private server or physical web server. Then I eventually went back to using shared web hosting from Namecheap.

I turned to using the Awstats that was already installed. Now, I just earlier this year purchased virtual private server space. I am going to show you how to install Open Web Analytics.

This should take you around 10 minutes if you are familiar with the concept of installing software on your own virtual private or dedicated server. I would say in my opinion most shared hosting providers will not give you root access therefore you most likely will not be able to install this website analytics software on shared hosting. You will need to download a tarball.

The most recent version is 1.6.2. You will need to decompress this tarball. It will create a "owa" folder with all the installation files.

Now you want to upload this folder to your web server. You will most likely use file transfer protocol to upload this folder. You can upload it to your website root folder.

For example /home/user/public_html/. Also, you can create a folder off of your website root and upload the folder contents there.


Once you have successfully uploaded the owa folder to your web server, you will be creating a MySQL database. You will need to access your MySQL server via command line or with phpMyAdmin. Click on "Databases" in phpMyAdmin.

The rest of these instructions will assume you are using phpMyAdmin. In the "Create a database" field enter in the name of your owa database. For example owadb.

You can either choose a "Collation" type from a drop down menu or just leave that setting alone. Now click on "Create" button. You have just created the database that Open Web Analytics will be using.

This database has no tables. Now you need to click on "Privileges". You will need to browse back to Home in phpMyAdmin and then click on "Privileges".

Place a check box next to at least one already created and configured user. You are giving this MySQL username access privileges to this newly created database. Look for "Add privileges on the following database".

Choose your newly created owadb database from this drop down list. Click on "Check All" next to "Database specific privileges". Now you remove the check next to "GRANT" and click on "Go".

Now you browse to the install path in your web browser. For example since I uploaded owa to the website root folder I will need to browse to this path:

You should see an Open Web Analytics Installer screen. Now click on "Let's Get Started..." to begin this installation. You should see a "Configuration Settings" screen.

You should not need to change your "URL of OWA". Type in localhost in "Database Host" field. Type in the name of your database in this example owadb into the "Database Name" field.

Type into the "Database User" field the MySQL user earlier that you gave privileges to. For example user. You will need to enter in the password associated with "user" into the "Database Password" field. Click on the "Continue" button.

Under "Site Domain" field enter the domain of the website you are going to track visitors for. This example would be Now enter in your email address in case you forget your password for Open Web Analytics.

You are actually creating your admin login for this tool. Enter in a password for the email address you just typed in earlier. Remember this email address and password will allow you to administrate this website tracking software.

You should see a final "Success...Installation is Complete" page. You have just installed Open Web Analytics onto your web server. You should see the login and password information on this page.

For example:


Click on "Login and generate a site tracker". This will take you to the Open Web Analytics login page. Login with your admin username and password just created.

Now you will be presented with tracking code. This is just computer code that you will copy and paste into your website. There is both JavaScript and PHP code available.

You want to ssh into your website. Also, you will want to either login with the root account or sudo to root. You will now be pasting this code into either the index.html or index.php file on your web server.

This depends on whether or not you are using a content management system like WordPress. You can use a text editor like vi. Make sure to write the file changes by typing :wq!

Now you can test your website tracking. Test a web page on your website by browsing to a page. For example you would browse to

This also tests to make certain this software does not conflict with your website. If you receive a blank page then obviously there is a problem. Click on "Tracked Sites".

You should see your website in this list. If you properly added the tracking code, then you should already see some statistics. To view more detailed information, you want to click on "View Reports".

You can change how Open Web Analytics tracks visitors by clicking on "Main Configuration". User Management allows you to add additional users that will have access to this tool. Tracking additional websites is also available with this software.

You would just follow the steps above to add an additional website. Click on "Add New". I do NOT know if there is a limit to how many websites you can track visitors with this tool.

This is my preferred website analytics tool. Once upon a time, I used Google Analytics. That tracking system would slow down my website(s) and who knows what Google does with all that data.

Video TDR Failure NVLDDMKM.SYS – Windows 10 BSOD Diagnosis

Another computer problem in the world order with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. What a crappy operating system Windows 10 is. Anyways, this time an individual kept receiving the proverbial Microsoft blue screen of death.

Here is their initial request:

"Windows 10 - Video_TDR_Failure (NVLDDMKM.SYS) Video TDR Failure."

This error can be caused by many reasons. I am always suspicious on a computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system installed, that perhaps malware, spyware, virus, etc. are the culprit. Yes those nasty infections can and will fuck with video drivers.

NVLDDMKM.SYS is part of the Nvidia graphics driver sub system. Here is my response to this request:

Please restart it into just "Safe mode with command prompt". In a command prompt run a system file check scan:

sfc /scannow

Also, you can try "Last known good configuration". Another scan to run is:

chkdsk c: /f /r

This individual was able to boot this computer into "Safe mode with networking" after performing two system file check scans. I remotely connected and performed my usual troubleshooting. I ran a scan with my preferred malware and spyware removal tool.

This individual had another third party malware removal tool. However, both of these tools did NOT find any objects. Also, I ran a full scan with Microsoft Windows Defender. Microsoft Windows Defender did NOT find any objects.

I then used my preferred PC optimization tool. This tool almost always finds junk files and will clean up the windows registry. I checked Microsoft Windows updates and device manager.

I did NOT notice anything out of the ordinary. This computer would NOT boot without a blue screen of death. Luckily this computer would boot into "Safe mode with networking". Finally, I scheduled a check disk scan.

However, this did NOT solve the problem. Another area that you can try to diagnose is Video drivers. When researching this further there could be problems when updating your Nvidia video graphics card drivers. Also, Microsoft Windows system restore would NOT work because there were no restore points.

I tried to perform a "Reset this PC" but would not work in safe mode with networking. This computer required the creation of Microsoft Windows 10 recovery drive. Type in "Recovery Drive" into a Cortana search bar.

Choose "Create recovery drive". If you choose to leave the check box for "Back up system files to the recovery drive" this will allow you to reinstall Microsoft Windows 10. You will need a universal serial bus flash drive with at least 512 megabytes in size.

You do NOT need to create this drive on the same computer that you are having problems with. You can use another computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system installed. Then you would boot off this recovery drive.

This allows you to access command prompt, system restore, reset this PC, etc. Also, you would be able to reinstall Microsoft Windows 10 if necessary. Some end users on the Internet were claiming that Microsoft Windows updates caused this Video TDR Failure NVLDDMKM.SYS blue screen.

If this were the case in your situation, you could try manually uninstall the culprit Microsoft Windows update. Browse into "Settings". Now you want to choose "Update and Security". Click on "View update history".

Click on "Uninstall updates". Select the offending Microsoft Windows update by clicking on it. Then choose "Uninstall".

Some other individuals were claiming that upgrading their Nvidia graphics card drivers was the culprit. They recommended reverting back to the previous driver version before these blue screens appeared. Microsoft blue screen of death problems can be quite difficult if not impossible to diagnose.

Hopefully, some of these tactics helps you diagnose your Video TDR Failure NVLDDMKM.SYS blue screen problem.

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Easy Hosting Control Panel – Just How Easy is ISPConfig 3 to Use?

Easy Hosting Control Panel

I decided to no longer use a virtual private server and instead build my own web server. I obtained a Comcast Xfinity business class broadband service. As long as you have a business class service, then you can physically host your own websites.

Comcast will most likely block your hyper text transfer protocol traffic with one of their residential Internet services. Anyways, one predicament of maintaining your own web server, is what operating system and or web serving software to use. I tried for days if NOT weeks to install a web server manually.

This is often times called a Linux Apache Mysql PHP server. What I could not over come was some of the configuration files for hosting multiple websites. I finally gave up and started researching free open source multi website control panels.

I finally found my solution for an easy hosting control panel, called ISPConfig. I had used cPanel for years. However, cPanel requires a monthly subscription.

ISPConfig is one of the first free open source hosting control panels I tried. The installation can have quite a bit of a learning curve. Depending on what Linux distribution you install, you might end up using the ISPConfig installation script.

This installation script requires that you answer some web hosting technical questions. You will need to know and understand how a website actually works on the server end. Once you are able to successfully install ISPConfig 3, then this web hosting control panel could be classified as easy.

ISPConfig is just as easy to use as cPanel. However, there is a lack of documentation as the developers require that you purchase the user manual. I was able to find most if not all of my questions answered on their public forums.

I was able to configure and maintain two wordpress websites for four years. I was able to configure email as well. ISPConfig has a web based administrator interface.

Most if not all tasks that you can complete in cPanel can completed in ISPConfig. You can access the live online demo for free. You can even demo the administrator interface.

With anything that is new, their will become a learning curve. However, once you familiarize yourself with the web based interface, you will be up in running in no time. I actually because of a lack of money, had to abandon my business class internet and thus my own physical web server.

I am paying very little for a virtual private server currently. I tried installing ISPConfig with a quick installer. However, it failed and I decided to install Centos web panel.

However, I am considering installing ISPConfig 3 again. I was in a bit of a rush to move three websites from a yearly shared hosting plan. I would just need to provision my virtual private server again and restore all three websites.

ISPConfig 3 has four major sections where you maintain your website(s).

* sites
* email
* domain name system
* virtual server

Also, you can actually use ISPConfig 3 to resell web space. You just create separate clients. I was pleasantly surprised with the ease and speed of maintaining a web server.

Most major tools are at your finger tips so that you can maintain multiple websites. Installing WordPress is straight forward. Initially, I had installed ISPConfig 3 on a minimal version of Ubuntu server.

However, when I recently tried installing it, I was using a minimal server version of Centos. This could be the problem. Creating email inboxes was simple.

Also, you can create catch all inboxes with ISPConfig 3. Adding an Internet protocol address is simple as well. Many tasks like adding domains and sub domains only require a couple of mouse clicks.

I was able to maintain multiple websites with ISPConfig quite quickly just like I had before with cPanel. ISPConfig 3 supports the following Linux distributions:

* debian
* ubuntu
* centos
* fedora
* open suse

There is a separate billing module that you can purchase if you want to become a web hosting seller.

HP Photosmart 335 Software – Installation Instructions

Another request on a third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions. This request deals with printers. I almost never like dealing with printers.

Basically, the only printer issues I deal with are new printer installs and installation of printer software. Here is the original request:

"I am trying to install an installation disc on my computer, and it is saying contact my administrator. HP photosmart 335."

Here is my response. What operating system are you using? For example Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 10.

You can download that HP Photosmart 335 software for your printer. This Hewlett Packard printer supports Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, and Microsoft Windows 10 operating systems. You notice how I did NOT waste time fucking around trying to help them get the software installed from the CD-ROM?

I cut to the chase and offered them a download. When you browse that link above, your computer operating system should be detected. If it is NOT, make certain you choose the operating system you are using.

You can click on "Change". Expand "driver product installation software" and you should see your software download. Newer operating systems like Windows 7, 8, and 10 might not have a software download. This is one of the few times I have run across a Hewlett Packard printer installation where you first connect the printer and then allow Microsoft Windows to load a driver.

Make certain you choose the correct version of software if their is a download available. X86 32 bit or x64 64 bit download. If your operating system does NOT have a download available, then you can install it by first connecting your Hewlett Packard Photosmart 335 printer to your computer.

Once you finished downloading the installer, double click it to begin the printer installation. Follow the on screen prompts and do NOT connect your Hewlett Packard printer until instructed. If you do NOT see a printer download this means you must add your printer from with in Microsoft Windows operating system.

Connect your printer to your computer with a universal serial bus cable or through your local network so that Microsoft Windows operating system can detect your printer during this print driver installation. Now you want to open up "Add a printer" wizard. You can find this wizard in "Control Panel".

Now you want to test the driver installation. Try to print a test page. Also, try to perform a test scan.

If all goes well and the driver installed successfully, then you should be able to both print and scan. These instructions were written for Microsoft Windows 200, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, and Microsoft Windows 10 operating systems. These are general instructions pointing you to the right direction.

As long as you know how to browse to "Control Panel" you should be able to follow a long. You can always type in "control panel" without quotes into a search bar in which ever Microsoft Windows operating system you are using, if you do NOT know how to browse to control panel directly.

Windows 10 Update and Restart – Not Working Fix

Another Microsoft windows 10 update problem. This time Windows 10 update and restart functionality would not work for this individual. I received another request on a third party website where I answer computer and technology related questions to earl supplemental income.

This individual has a Dell Inspiron 15 with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. A couple weeks ago I scheduled and completed a Windows update. This time I can't close the computer unless I choose either update and shutdown or update and close.

I tried both but it does not update. It closes or restarts without updating. Here is the original request:

"My computer is not doing updates. I click update and restart or update and shutdown, but it is not updating."

There are so many problems with Microsoft Windows 10 updates, that I do NOT know where to begin. As a computer technician that makes a living fixing computer problems, Microsoft Corporation is NOT a legitimate technology company. This company just uses millions if NOT billions of dollars to seduce their customers with marketing tactics.

Anyways, I am sure you browsed here looking for a solution. I was able to fix this problem, by performing stand troubleshooting. The first thing I noticed is that McAfee antivirus trial had expired.

Antivirus software can and will interfere with Microsoft Windows 10 updates. This software was removed since it was expired. I checked to make sure that the Windows 10 firewall was turned on.

Also, I noticed in "Services" that the "Windows Update" service was set to manual. Now on my Microsoft Windows 10 computer I have updates disabled and Windows Update service set to manual. That is because I control when updates are installed and I have to manually install them.

However, I have NOT had a problem where a Windows 10 update and restart does not work. Microsoft Windows 10 updates would NOT install via update and shutdown either. You can type the following into a "Run" box, to get into services.


Scroll down until you see "Windows Updates". I would recommend setting this to "Automatic" to try to fix this problem. Double click or right click "Windows Updates" and then choose "Properties".

From a "Startup type" drop down menu, you want to choose "Automatic". Click on "Apply" and then click on "OK". Also, on this particular computer I noticed that this wuauserv service was NOT running.

You want to start this service by clicking on "Start". You want to make certain that this service starts successfully. If it does not then Microsoft Windows updates will not install correctly.

On this individuals computer, this service started successfully and I was able to configure it to "Automatic". You can always go back and change this setting to manual again, after these updates install successfully. This individual never told me that they changed it to manual themselves.

When it comes to fixing issues remotely, I prefer to complete my troubleshooting tasks before a restart. I ran one iteration of a system file check. Type this command into a command prompt with administrator rights:

sfc /scannow

Also, since the McAfee antivirus trial software had expired, I ran a quick virus scan with Windows Defender. Windows Defender did NOT find any infections. Windows Defender is free software and is already installed with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

As part of my routine troubleshooting, I ran a malware and spyware scan with my preferred spyware removal tool. No malware or spyware objects were found with this tool. Finally, I ran Cleaner and Registry scans with my preferred PC optimization tool.

I asked the individual to restart their computer to try to trigger the Microsoft Windows 10 Updates installation. I have NOT heard back from them since. This normally means I fixed their most common computer problem. Hopefully, you were able to fix this Windows 10 update and restart not working problem.

TP Link TL-WN881ND – Wireless PCI Express Windows 10 Install

TP Link TL WN881ND

I recently purchased a TP Link TL-WN881ND wireless card. This wireless card is designed for desktop computers. It came with two 2 decibel antennas.

I purchased this wireless adapter at a local computer store. I just needed a basic wireless adapter for one of my office computers. The packaging does NOT stipulate that this device is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10.

However, I quickly installed this on a quad core computer with Microsoft Windows 10 installed and low and behold this device was detected. This is a 802.11 N wireless adapter. This adapter included a CD-ROM, quick installation guide, and technical support guide.

Also, included was a bracket so that you could install this wireless adapter in a small form factor personal computer. This TP Link TL-Wn881ND is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, and Microsoft Windows 8 operating systems. Also, both x86 32 bit and x64 64 bit operating systems are supported.

This wireless adapter has a PCI express interface, which is another reason why I purchased it. This device supports up to 300 megabits per second, which I have never been able to obtain. However, the installation on Microsoft Windows 10 was a breeze.

You can install this wireless card in PCI express X1, X4, X8, and X16 slots. I had already verified my Gigabyte motherboard had a vacant X1 PCI express slot. For testing purposes I installed the two short 2 decibel antennas that was included.

I did NOT have to install the supplied drivers. Windows 10 had loaded a Qualcomm Atheros AR9287 driver. I was able to connect to an xfinitywifi access point with in seconds.

This PCI express wireless adapter connected at 144.4 megabits per second which is quite normal for these types of wireless cards. I have never been able to connect at 300 megabits per second. Some individuals claim that most wireless 802.11 n cards never will connect at 300 megabits per second.

Over all I was quite pleased with how easy it was for me to install this TP Link TL-WN881ND wireless adapter in Microsoft Windows 10. The signal strength was not the greatest with the supplied antennas. I received only 2 to three bars.

There can be many reasons why the signal strength is weak. TP Link's official web page claims that Microsoft Windows 10 operating is not supported. However, I proved otherwise.

Windows Password Reset and Recovery – Utility With Instructions

I recently received an in person computer repair customer. There request was pretty typical. They wanted me to try to reset their Microsoft windows password.

This is a return customer of mine. They brought me a Gateway all in one computer with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. This blog post is NOT written for hackers or thugs that stole a computer and now need access to it.

This blog post was written for real people not able to login to their Windows account. You will need either a CD-ROM or USB flash drive. Then you will need to download the most recent version of offline Windows password & registry editor. This is my preferred Windows operating system password reset utility.

Amazingly, this software is free. As of the time of this blog post creation, version 140201 is the most recent one available. Once you download this software, which is eighteen megabytes in size, to your computer, you will then need to decompress this zip file.

Now you will have access to the 140201.iso file. You can then burn this .iso to a boot CD-ROM or USB flash drive. This tool is designed for both x86 32 bit and x64 64 bit operating systems. This windows password reset and recovery tool is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 8.1, and Microsoft Windows 10 operating systems.

This utility is actually a Linux program. I am loving the irony here. Anyways, you boot off your CD-ROM or USB flash drive that you just created.

On some computers you may need to adjust UEFI or SATA controller types. For example the first time I had to switch from SATA IDE from SATA AHCI in the basic input output system. Also, you may have to change the boot order in your computer basic input output system.

You can always choose to start your computers boot menu. For example Dell and Gateway computers have an F12 boot menu where you can pick which device to boot from. You will be present with a Linux "boot:" prompt.

For most instances you do NOT need to perform anything else. Just let the Linux operating system boot. You will be presented with any Microsoft Windows partitions. Look for one that is labeled "BOOT".

For example:

/dev/sda1 BOOT

Most likely this is the partition where your passwords are saved. If you have more than one partition choose the BOOT partition, by either hitting enter or choosing a number that corresponds with it.

Now you select the registry path which is normally:


Now choose option 1 which is "password reset (sam)". You will actually be blanking your Microsoft windows user password. Then you will choose 1 "Edit user data and passwords".

Now, look through the list of usernames. For example:

01f4 Administrator ADMIN
02c7 pamela

You will need to enter the hexadecimal number in the very first left hand column to choose that user. For example type in the following for pamela:


Hit the enter key after typing in 02c7. Now you choose option 1 "Clear (blank) user password". You should receive a "Password cleared!" message.

Now type in q or hit enter. You will be asked if there is something to save. Type in Y to save your changes.

You can now press Ctrl Alt Delete to restart your computer. This free offline windows password reset tool is fool proof. This tool almost always works on the first try, at least for me.

You should now be able to login to your Microsoft windows account without a password. In this case you would click on pamela an viola you have now learned now to reset your Microsoft windows password.

This Computer Does Not Have The Necessary USB Software Support

Another computer problem in the world order. This time a bit of a strange problem at least in my opinion. I received another request on a third party website whereby I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions.

Here is this request:

"I have an HP PhotoSmart Premium printer. I had it connected to my printer wireless - NEVER VIA a USB. Geek Squad cleaned up some corrupt print files and deleted the HP Print Center which sits on my PC.

When I try to install from a download or original disk, it say "you don't have appropriate USB drivers". HELP please."

This is an ugly error message. However, I was able to install the HP Solution Center software successfully. This individual owned a C309N Hewlett Packard printer.

For whatever brilliant idea, Hewlett Packard now ships a USBready.exe tool that is supposed to test your computer for USB compliance. However, this is NOT an isolated incident of people receiving this error. It is NOT exclusive to just one model of HP printer either.

You are supposed to browse to the most recent temporary file for the HP Solution Center installation. Type in the following into a run box on Microsoft Windows operating systems. This individual had a Lenovo computer with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.


This should take you to the Temp folder where the Hewlett Packard Solution Center install begins. A usbready.exe file gets copied to temporary space. Look for a folder that starts with 7z.

Here is an example folder 7zs1234. You want to browse into this folder and then browse to a "Setup" folder. Look for the usbready.exe file.

One recommendation is to rename this file before you click "Next" during the installation of this Hewlett Packard Solution Center software. This tactic did NOT work for me. What happened instead is that the installation program started the usbready.exe program, which caused this "This Computer Does Not Have The Necessary USB Software Support" error message.

I think this is poor development by Hewlett Packard. Did these clowns forget that many Hewlett Packard customer want to connect to their printers via wireless or blue tooth? At the very least this USB compliance test should NOT begin until after you choose the type of installation.

I was able to bypass this usbready.exe program by moving this file out of this temporary folder. Then I clicked the first "Next" prompt and sure enough this installation ignored this USB compliance test. Also, you could just delete this usbready.exe file.

Maybe I did NOT rename this file quick enough the first time? Who knows, I do NOT know. However, the second attempt I moved this file out of the "Setup" folder under the 7z***** temporary folder. Let me warn you now that Hewlett Packard Solution Center software installs take for fucking ever.

I am talking at least an hour on average. Also, here is a gold tip. Do NOT ever hook up your Hewlett Packard printer to your computer first. Always, wait until the Hewlett Packard Solution Center install prompts you before you hook up your printer. Obviously, this was a network installation, but still this is a valuable tip.

Many Hewlett Packard customers first inclination is to hook up their newly purchased printer to their computer and away they go printing. Wrong. This can cause many problems when you do install the Hewlett Packard Control Center software.

The installation gets confused because Microsoft Windows would have already loaded a printer driver. Anyways, you should be able to perform a network installation now that you have bypassed this ridiculous usbready.exe fiasco. Also, I have an older HP office jet 7410 all in one printer and the Hewlett Packard Solution Center install interface looks almost the same accept thankfully this usbready.exe program is not included with that install.

One final note before I run into the ether. This usbready.exe program was included with the installation CD-ROM that came with this Hewlett Packard C309N all in one printer. Unfortunately, the downloadable version of this software also includes this usbready.exe file.

What you could possibly do is copy the contents of the CD-ROM into a folder on your hard drive. Then browse I think to the Setup folder and delete the usbready.exe file. Also, you could search for this file and delete and then try the installation and see if it skips this USB compliance test.

These instructions were written for a Hewlett Packard C309N printer make can certainly be used as a basis point for other Hewlett Printer models.