Google – Releases Android 8.0 Oreo Operating System

Google finally has released their latest and greatest eighth Android operating system. Many individuals on the Internet knew that Google would name their latest Android version Oreo. This was no secret.

However, most other details were not released until now. For what it is worth, Google has always named their Android versions after chocolate treats. I have no fucking idea why that is.

Anyways, Android 8.0 Oreo comes with picture in picture and automatic fill. Google claims Oreo is faster and more secure. Picture in Picture allows you to use two applications at once.

Android 8.0 Oreo includes notification dots. These dots allow you to get notifications from applications running in background. You just click on these dots to view any notification(s).

This version of Android includes over sixty new emoji icons. Android 8.0 Oreo comes with Google Play Protect built into this operating system. Google claims that Oreo boots twice as fast on a Google Pixel smart device.

Automatic fill allows you to save username and password information for quicker logins. This is optional by the way. Google expects large hardware manufacturers to begin rolling out Android 8.0 Oreo later this year.

This latest version of Android operating system, is supposed to limit applications activity, with applications that are being used less. Android 8.0 Oreo includes integrated printing support. You can place your notifications on snooze.

The code for Android 8.0 Oreo has been released to the public via the Android Open Source Project. Google Play Protect is supposed to scan your applications, making sure they are not nefarious.

Apple iPhone 5C – Reset Recovery Mode Tutorial

Apple iPhone 5C Connect to iTunes

I recently had a customer bring in an Applie iPhone 5c with not only a bad screen but also, a disabled device. I am going to describe how to perform a reset using recovery mode. You can possibly gain access to your iPhone 5c again with these instructions.

You will need either a personal computer running most recent version of iTunes or a MAC running most current version of iTunes. Open up iTunes and then connect your USB cable to your iPhone 5c and computer.If you have an iCloud locked iPhone, this won't fix that connundrum.

First you want to hold down a top wake/sleep power button and home button at same time. Keep holding down both buttons even while you see the Apple logo. You will eventually see an iTunes logo with an arrow pointing from a cable graphic.

This means that iTunes has detected your Apple iPhone 5c. A popup window will prompt you to either update your device or restore your device. Also, iTunes will show a screen with your iPhone devices' serial number and "iPhone Recovery Mode".

You can select "Update" but most likely will need to select "Restore". Caveat Emptor, the Restore option will wipe all data off of your iPhone 5c. Update will just update the version of iOS running on your iPhone.

You might be able to access your iPhone once again by choosing either option. If your Apple iPhone 5c is iCloud locked then this solution won't work. You would need to take your device to Apple and provide proof of ownership.

This tutorial might be productive if for whatever reason you want to restore your Apple iPhone 5c back to factory. Perhaps an update fucked up your device, or it is not working smoothly anymore. At least you know how to restore your device back to factory.

Also, you learned how to update your Apple iPhone 5c via iTunes.

Reddit – Users Can Now Upload Video Content

Reddit Incorporated announced on August seventeen two thousand seventeen, that they have completed their video beta program. Moving forward all reddit users will be able to upload their own video content directly to Reddit servers. Before, reddit users were required to use third party video platforms like YouTube.

Now, Reddit users can upload their videos directly to Reddit. However, there are some restrictions. The only video formats supported are MP4 and MOV. Also, videos are restricted to fifteen minutes or less.

You can either record videos with official Reddit applications or upload prerecorded video content. With a desktop computer you can just select a video file and upload. Reddit also features a Graphics Interchange Format converter, which allows you to convert an MP4 video into gif format.

Using mobile applications allow you to create shortened video clips. You will be able to watch and participate in Reddit threads at same time. To upload a video using a desktop computer, you click on a "Submit Link" on any subreddit that has video enabled.

Then you want to click on "Choose File". Select any MP4 or MOV video file. Remember you are limited to fifteen minute videos for now.

Next you choose a thumbnail for your video. Type in a title for your video. Finally, click "Post" to submit your video.

Instructions for mobile applications are different. Click on "Post something interesting" at top of "Home" or on any subreddit that is video enabled. Click on "Post to r/__.

Now click on "Image/Video" to select one. You can click on "Camera" to record a video or select "Library" to upload a previously recorded video. Remember you are limited to fifteen minute videos for now.

Next, you add a title and then click "Post" to submit your video. For new Reddit users, you will need to wait thirty days and receive enough karma points to create a subreddit. Once you can create a subreddit, than you will be able to upload videos.

Open Broadcaster Software – OBS Studio Version 20.0 Released

Developers over at Open Broadcaster Software have released OBS Studio version 20.0. This is a major release with two bug fixes, some updates, and new features. There are some new options under a "View" menu.

You can unlock these features by clicking "View" and then select "Docks". You want to uncheck "Lock UI". Now you will be able to access new features.

All User Interfaces that can be adjusted have undock and close icons. This allows you to customize your OBS Studio user interface. You can move sections of OBS Studio around.

Clicking an undock icon which is next to an x, will undock this portion of OBS Studio. This will make that specific section seperate from rest of the user interface. Thankfully, you can reset your user interface by clicking on "View" then select "Docks".

Then you select "Reset UI". This will reset all changes you made. You can drag and drop any windows in and out of the main user interface.

To hide window objects, just click an "X". You can always readd them by going to "View" then "Docks" then selecting which one(s) you want. Now in order to lock your changes, you go back into "View" then "Docks" and select "Lock UI".

OBS Studio version 20.0 comes with a new theme called "Rachni". Click on "Settings" then under "General" tab look for "Theme". You can choose between Dark, Default, and Rachni.

Filters and Sources come with a "Default" button. Hence the term, this will reset any changes back to default settings. All sources have a lock button.

Select a source and click on a lock icon. By default all my sources were NOT locked after upgrading to OBS Studio version 20.0. This version comes with preview scaling.

Also, the mixer now includes a clipping warning by turning red when your audio begins to distort. Stinger transitions and Microsoft's Faster Than Light streaming are now supported. Two major bugs were fixed:

* window size settings
* graphical processing unit not supported crashes

You can update your OBS studio with built in automatic updates. You will be prompted that a new version of OBS Studio is available. Also, you can manually check for updates by going to "Help" then select "Check For Updates".

Discord – Closes Alt Right Chat After Charlottesville Fiasco

Technology company Discord, today announced that they closed an alternative right wing groups servers. This comes a few days after a Unite The Right rally that took place on August thirteen two thousand seventeen, in Charlottesville, Virginia. Discord provides free chat and voice communications to around forty five million users.

There was a clash between right and left wing protestors that caused one fatality and many injuries. Discord announced their decision to shutdown via Twitter:

"Love. Not hate.

Discord's mission is to bring people together around gaming. We're about positivity and inclusivity. Not Hate.

Not violence. Today, we've shut down the server and a number of accounts associated with the events in Charlottesville. We will continue to take action against white supremacy nazi idealogy, and all forms of hate."

People at Discord also posted this same message to their official FaceBook page. Discord claimed that violated their community guidelines. You can use discord in three quick ways.

They have a mobile application for both Google Android and Apple iPhone. Also, they have a downloaded Microsoft Windows application. You can even use Discord via just a web browser.

Discord targets gamers, but I have seen other uses for Discord text and voice chat. Discord is not the only tech company that made decisions to cut ties with their customers so to speak, after events in Charlottesville, Virginia. GoDaddy earlier this weak cut ties with one of their clients Daily Stormer.

Daily Stormer had written an article disparaging the one victim whom lost her life in Charlottesville. Google also reacted to the Daily Stormer's article. Without choosing sides between the left and right paradigm, you have free speech until perhaps you cross the line, and violate a technology company's community guidelines.

AMD Radeon Vega RX – Drivers Version 17.30.1051 Available

Advanced Micro Devices released their new graphics software Radeon Software Crimson ReLive version 17.30.1051 for Radeon Vega RX series graphics cards. Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition. There are five known issues with this software.

* radeon wattman overclock
* 3dmark firestrike hangs
* radeon settings gaming tab reset
* hdmi intermittent signal loss
* windows media player hangs

You can download Advanced Micro Devices Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition for free. This software is NOT intended for use with Apple Boot Camp. You will need administrator rights to install this software.

You will need to have Windows 7 service pack one or Windows 10. Windows 8 is not listed as being supported on their release notes page for this graphics card. This driver is version 17.30.1051 and windows store version 22.19.666.

Following desktop video cards are compatible with this software:

* Radeon RX Vega Series

Following laptop video cards are compatible with this software:

* Radeon RX Vega Series

This Radeon Software Crimson ReLive software supports Windows 7 x86 32 bit and x64 64 bit with service pack one, and Windows 10 x86 32 bit and x64 64 bit. Also, you can install this video graphics driver software using Advanced Micro Devices automatic detection tool. You can manually select your driver.

Finally, you can download either a 32 bit driver or 64 bit driver to your computer and install them.

Google Chrome – Fix For Some YouTube Videos Not Playing Audio

I ran across a weird problem recently with YouTube videos. For whatever reason only some YouTube videos lacked audio. Luckily, I found a reddit post that had a possible solution for a lack of audio when playing some YouTube videos.

I was having this problem on Windows seven professional. I had an older Sound Blaster twenty four bit sound card installed on a desktop computer. I went into an audio control panel and changed speaker configuration from 7.1 to 2.

For whatever reason my default speaker configuration was set to 7.1, even though I only have two speakers and one woofer. You can potentially fix this problem too. You want to go to an audio control panel.

On Microsoft Windows 7, you click your start button and then select "Control Panel". Look for an "Audio Control Panel". You may not have an audio control panel.

Search for or look for your sound cards control panel item. For example look for Sound Blaster, Realtek, etc. Go into this control panel item and look for speaker settings.

If you do not have more than two speakers and your sound card settings in Microsoft Windows 7 control panel is set to more than two speakers, than this might be why you do not hear audio in some YouTube videos. When I changed speakers from 7.1 to 2/2.1 on my Windows 7 machine, I was able to hear once again audio from YouTube videos. You may not have an audio control panel or an item for your sound card in control panel because sound card software was not installed.

You can always install software that came with your sound card or look for software for your sound card on the Internet. These tips can be used on other versions of Windows ie. Windows XP, Vista, 8, and 10. The exact steps to get into an audio control panel or sound card properties will be different.

Microsoft Windows 10 – System Restore Tutorial

Performing a Microsoft windows 10 system restore can be advantageous at certain times. This is a potentially quicker way to resolve problems that may arise with Windows 10. Click on a Windows 10 menu button.

Click on a "Settings" gear icon. Type in "System Restore" under "Windows Settings". Choose "Create a Restore Point".

A "System Properties" window will open up. Click on a "System Protection" tab. Click on "System Restore".

A System Restore window will open up. Click on "Next". You will be presented with restore point(s). Also, there is a check box labeled "Show more restore points".

Clicking in that box may provide more restore points. Choose a date back in time in which you remember your Microsoft Windows 10 machine was running without a problem. Click on "Next".

Confirm that you want to start this system restore. Click on "Finish" to begin system restore. You want to make sure that no other programs are running at this time.

A Windows 10 system restore will begin. Depending on speed of your computer and other factors this process make take an hour or more. Also, your computer will restart during this process.

Your Windows 10 operating system will be restored back to the restore point date that you choose. You will not lose any of your personal data. However, any installed programs, windows updates, etc. will be removed that have since been installed.

System restore can be a quicker solution for possible removal of malware, spyware, viruses, etc. Also, perhaps a Windows update fucked up your computer. This can be rectified by performing a system restore.

Instead of spending hours possibly days trying to troubleshoot and fix a Windows 10 problem, you can perform a system restore instead. This solution isn't perfect but can potentially same you time and grief. I recommend kicking off a system restore first before attemtping any other troubleshooting. – Allows Uploading Videos Directly From Youtube Tutorial, which is a video platform similar to YouTube, allows content creators to upload videos directly from YouTube. Instead of uploading your video content from your computer, you just submit a YouTube video Uniform Resource Locator. advertises this feature for just YouTube, but I think you can upload videos from other video platforms.

You want to first login to your account. Once logged in, look for a "Upload" button. Click on "Upload" and you will be given three options to upload video content.

* Choose a video or GIF file
* Paste a video or GIF link (URL)
* Drop a video or GIF file here

You want to select the middle or second option "Paste a video or GIF link (Uniform Resource Locator). Grab a link from your YouTube channel(s). Paste it into this link box.

Here is an example YouTube video Uniform Resource Locator:

Now click on a "Continue" button. will now download and process this video from a link you supplied. Your video will finish processing, with a thumbnail.

That is all you have to perform in order to upload a YouTube video to your channel. Video processing times vary, depending on how large your video file is. This can be a conveniant feature if you no longer have access to your video content, except from YouTube or another video platform.

Also, is accessing this data from another video platform instead of your computer. I notice that whenever I upload videos to YouTube, that my Internet download speed is extremely slow at same time. This could help alleviate this problem if you need to multitask. allows three gigabytes of uploads per week for accounts that are not verified. Each video must be thirty minutes or less. Basically, requires that your channel have at least fifty subsribers or more, before they will lift these restrictions.

Google Chrome – Version 60.0.3112.90 Released

Google on August second two thousand seventeen, officially released Chrome web browser version 60.0.3112.90. This latest version includes thirty google chrome updates. These security fixes affect Google Chrome web browser on Linux, MAC, and Microsoft Windows platforms.

By default Chrome is supposed to automatically update. You can install Google Chrome version 60.0.3112.90 manually by selecting "Help" then select "About Google Chrome". In about Google Chrome, if an update is available, that update will begin downloading.

You will need to relaunch Chrome for that update to install. You can download instead and install Google Chrome version 60.0.3112.90. chrome://settings has a new look.

* speciallocalhandler
* paintopbuffer
* m60 compile error
* getdocument crash
* webviewimpl
* autofill
* setzoomlevel
* webviewloading