Antivirus and Security Software – Avast Version 18.1.3800

Antivirus and security software Avast version 18.1.3800 has been released. I could NOT find out specific information about this version of Avast directly from this company. I guess I could have investigated using a computer that I have Avast antivirus and security software installed on.

Avast is one of two anti-virus software programs, I use for my computer repair business. I am an Avast affiliate marketer. I use this software for my computer repair business and also upsell it to my customers.

You can always download the latest version of Avast antivirus and security software from a static link. Avast antivirus is compatible with Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, and Linux operating systems.

Avast free anti-virus is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP service pack three, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 operating systems. Avast supports both 32 bit x86 and 64 bit x64 architecture. I was NOT able to find out what exact versions of Apple Macintosh operating system and Linux distributions are supported.

Debian Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc. are supported. Red Hat Enterprise and SUSE Linux are supported.

Microsoft Security Updates – For Windows 7 Version KB2952664

Microsoft Corporation released cumulative update KB2952664 on February fourteen two thousand eighteen for Windows 7 operating system. Actually, this KB2952664 update was released on October thirty first two thousand seventeen as an optional update. I have no idea why Microsoft changed this from optional to recommended.

This update does NOT include any bug and or security fixes. This update does not include any new features. According to Microsoft this is what this update provides:

"This update performs diagnostics on the Windows systems that participate in the Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program. The diagnostics evaluate the compatibility status of the Windows ecosystem, and help Microsoft to ensure application and device compatibility for all updates to Windows. There is no GWX or upgrade functionality contained in this update."

Some clown at Microsoft

If you have been keeping up to date with Microsoft Windows 7 security updates, then this will become only update available for install. However, if you have gotten behind or skipped some updates, those updates will also be installed. You can obtain this update via Microsoft Windows update or Microsoft Update Catalog website.

This update applies to Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows Server 2008 release 2 Service Pack 1. Microsoft corporation is not aware of any issues after installing this update. You will need to reboot your computer in order for this update to completely install.

Google Chrome Support – Release Version 64.0.3282.167

Google on February thirteen two thousand eighteen, officially released Chrome web browser version 64.0.3282.167/168. This latest version of google chrome includes one security fix. This latest version of Google Chrome affects Google Chrome web browser on Linux, MAC, and Microsoft Windows platforms.

There are two Google Chrome versions for Windows operating systems, 64.0.3282.167 and 64.0.3282.168. I have no idea why there are two versions. Also, I do NOT know if there is any significant differences between the two Google Chrome browsers.

* wrong derived class instance

The Google Chrome support team claim that they will keep information restricted pertaining to bug fixes until enough of their users have been updated. Also, they claim they reserve the right to keep bug(s) information restricted if that bug(s) has not been fixed yet.

Note: Access to bug details and links may be kept restricted until a majority of users are updated with a fix. We will also retain restrictions if the bug exists in a third party library that other projects similarly depend on, but haven’t yet fixed.

This information is new to me. Perhaps they released this statement after they did NOT release any information about a more recent Google Chrome update? Who kows, I do NOT know.

By default Chrome is supposed to automatically update. You can install Google Chrome version 64.0.3282.167/168 manually by selecting "Help" then select "About Google Chrome". In about Google Chrome, if an update is available, that update will begin downloading.

You will need to relaunch Chrome for that update to install. You can download instead and install Google Chrome version 64.0.3282.167/168. chrome://settings has a new look.

Open Source Office Suite – LibreOffice Version 6.0.1 Available

Open source office suite libreoffice version 6.0.1 is now available. This newest version of libreoffice was released on February nine two thousand eighteen. I was not able to ascertain what new features if any were deployed in LibreOffce version 6.0.1.

It looks like 69 bugs were fixed in 5.4.5 and 75 in 6.0.1. The document foundation released version 5.4.5 of LibreOffice as well. However, I was not able to update to this version using either automatic updates or manual "check for updates".

LibreOffice is an entirely FREE open source office suite comparable to Microsoft Office. I have been using open source office suite software for over a decade now. LibreOffice is my office suite of choice, for at least five years now.

You can open up many types of Microsoft office documents within libreoffice. Also, you can open up many types of libreoffice documents with Microsoft office suite. LibreOffice has an automatic update notifier.

However, on this Microsoft Windows 10 Professional x64 64 bit operating system computer I am using, LibreOffices' automatic update installer no longer works. Also, when I manually "Check for updates" this software claims I am already using the most current version 5.4.4 of LibreOffice. I am not sure if that is just exclusive to this computer or a known bug issue with Libreoffice.

However, other than that this open source office suite works as intended.

You can always manually download the most current version of LibreOffice suite. LibreOffice is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, and Linux operating systems. Microsoft Windows XP service pack 3, Vista, 7, 8, 10, server 2008, and server 2010 operating systems are supported. Apple Macintosh operating system 10.8 mountain lion or newer are supported.

Linux operating system distributions with Linux kernel version 2.6.18 or newer, glibc2 version 2.5 or newer, and gtk version 2.10.4 or newer are supported. Also, there is an open source office suite libreoffice suite viewer version for the Google Android operating system, which I have never tried before. Finally, there is a portable version of LibreOffice that will work on a Universal Serial Bus device, cloud, or local drive.

I have not tested out this portable version yet. However, I plan on testing it out and if I have no major problems I plan on removing the stand alone application from this computer. I prefer having a computer with the least amount of software installed.

VLC Open Source – Media Player 3 Released

VLC open source media player version 3 has been released on February ten two thousand eighteen. This latest version of VLC open source media player is a major release called Vetinari with quite a few new features. VideoLAN VLC media player is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, and Linux operating systems.

* 4k and 8k video supported
* 10 bits and high dynamic range
* 360 video and 3definition audo
* chromecast streaming
* blu-ray java menus playable
* browse local network and network attached storage

I was not able to use VLC's "check for updates" feature nor did the automatic updates detect version 3. You can download VLC media player version 3 and install this software update manually. VLC media player is free and open source.

This software is available in both x86 32 bit and x64 64 bit versions. The current version of VLC open source media player is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP service pack 3, vista, 7, 8, and 10. There are basically three different ways to update VLC open source media player.

You can enable updates notifier. VLC open source media player will check for updates and notify you when one is available. A second way to update VLC media player is to download the most recent version from a static link at

Finally, you can update VLC by clicking on "Help" from top menu and then choosing "Check for Updates...". If an update is available you will be prompted to download and install it. You will need to restart VLC media player for this update to complete.

Samsung Hybrid Laptop – Notebook Spin 7 NP740U3L Screen Removal

I received a Samsung hybrid laptop with a cracked screen for repair. This laptop is actually a Samsung Notebook Spin 7 model number NP740U3L-L02US. I could only find one full replacement screen on eBay for $250.

I doubt my customer will pay that much for that screen. Also, this type of screen has fused glass similar to what Apple iPhone, Google Android, and some table computers. What this means is that the Liquid Crystal Display and glass are fused together.

If you have ever removed broken glass from a dumb device, I mean smart device you know that you have to take a heat gun and heat up the rubber glue so that you can seperate the glass from the LCD. Some notebook and laptop computers are designed so that the glass and LCD are not glued together and are seperate. This makes it much easier to fix laptop screens in my opinion.

I will still describe to you what it takes to take the screen apart from the rest of this Samsung hybrid laptop. There are ten total screws that hold the bottom cover on. Underneath the cover there are two bezels one on each side of this computer both held down by two screws.

You will need to remove all fourteen screws. There are two cables from the LCD screen connected to the motherboard. Remove these cables and then you can lift the bezel attached to the screen from the rest of this laptop.

I found out that this type of screen is hard to find. If you can find a full replacement piece, you would then just line up the bezel connections and tighten down the four screws. Now all you have to do is tighten down the remaining 10 screws for the bottom cover.

Finally, I was able to find replacement LCD screens for this Samsung Notebook 7 spin NP740U3L-L02US. However, I could not find any replacement glass. This replacement glass would have to be fused on top of the LCD, which to me is a huge pain in the ass.

Firefox Software Updater – Mozilla Version 58.0.2

Mozilla Corporation on February seventh two thousand eighteen officially released Mozilla web browser version 58.0.2 which they have named Quantum. This latest version includes some maintenance fixes via Firefox software updater. There are a total of four issues fixed in Mozilla Firefox version 58.0.2.

* macos signature validation during update
* graphics drivers blocked causing crashes
* tab crash while printing
* microsoft hotmail and outlook web based mail links and scrolling

This version of Mozilla Firefox includes multiple operating system processes, which is supposed to increase speed of this web browser. You can install Mozilla FireFox 58 manually by selecting "Help" then select "About Firefox". In about Mozilla Firefox you will either see that your web browser is up to date or click on an "Update to 58.0.2" button.

You can download and install Mozilla FireFox version 58.0.2 Quantum. Another way to upgrade Mozilla FireFox is with automatic updates. Click on "Tools" then select "Options".

Click on "Advanced" tab. Select an "Update" tab. In update you have three options:

* Automatically install updates
* Check for updates
* Never check for updates

Ths brand new Mozilla Firefox Quantum web browser version 58.0.2 was developed for Microsoft Windows, Apple MACintosh, Linux, Google Android, and Apple iOS operating systems.

WordPress Version Latest – 4.9.4 Update

WordPress on February sixth two thousand eighteen released maintenance and security update 4.9.4. This is an update for all previous versions of WordPress since version 3.7. This update includes one bug fix.

WordPress has instituted automatic updates for four years now. I am not a fan up rolling out automatic updates for a content management system. Some hosting companies choose to install WordPress with automatic updates enabled.

What happens is that when a new version of WordPress is released than your wordpress website is automatically updated behind the scenes. You do NOT need to intervene. However, WordPress 4.9.3 has a major severe bug.

This bug can potentially cause automatic updates to fail If this were to occur than either you or your hosting company would then have to intervene. Some hosting companies use softaculous to install and maintain WordPress. You can disable WordPress automatic updates.

I have three websites that I disabled WordPress automatic updates. A fourth website still has automatic updates enabled, but I will be disabling WordPress automatic updates on that website after this WordPress debacle. Luckily, the only website that had WordPress websites enabled was NOT fucked up by this bug.

You can update your version of WordPress to 4.9.4 by clicking on your "Dashboard" if not already there. Then select "Updates". Finally click on "Update Now".

If your WordPress site was configured with automatic background updates, then you should already be updated to 4.9.4. Also, you can download update 4.9.4 directly from Finally, check out this WordPress 4.9.4 update blog post for more details.

WordPress Version Latest – 4.9.3 Update

WordPress on February fifth two thousand eighteen released maintenance and security update 4.9.3. This is an update for all previous versions of WordPress since version 3.7. This update includes thirty four bug fixes.

Here are some of the main category bug fixes.

* canonical uniform resource locators
* code editor
* customization
* email
* emoji
* media
* plugins
* representational state transfer application program interface
* role capability
* tiny moxiecode content editor
* upgrade or install
* widgets
* wordpress database

You can update your version of WordPress to 4.9.3 by clicking on your "Dashboard" if not already there. Then select "Updates". Finally click on "Update Now".

If your WordPress site was configured with automatic background updates, then you should already be updated to 4.9.3. Also, you can download update 4.9.3 directly from Finally, check out this WordPress 4.9.3 update blog post for more details.

How to Upload a Video – to

There a few alternative video platforms to One of them being I am going to describe how to upload a video to First, you will need to sign up for a DailyMotion account.

Once approved you will then need to sign into your DailyMotion account. Now you want to click on a generic avatar on the top menu to the right of the search box. Left click on that avatar and then choose "Partner HQ".

You will be taken to your partner headquarters, which is your video dashboard. There is an "Upload" button towards the top left. Click on this button and you will taken to an upload page.

DailyMotion changed their upload interface about a month ago, so potentially they could change this page again in the future. Anyways, for now you can drag and drop up to ten videos to upload at a time. Also, you can click on "Selected video files" in the lower right hand corner.

This allows you to pick files to upload by browsing your hard drive. If you need more information about the upload process, you can click on "Learn more about uploading" on the lower left hand corner. I believe DailyMotion has a one gigabyte size file limitation.

Also, each video can be no more than sixty minutes. I am not sure how many videos per day that you can upload. Once you select a video file to upload you will be taken to a page where your file begins to upload.

You can enter in a title, description, and choose a category. I believe entering in a title and selecting a category is mandatory. You can enter in uniform resource locators or hyperlinks in the description box.

You are limited to 3000 characters in the description box. You can choose a different language under a "Language" box. Also, you can select playlists from an "Add to playlist" drop down.

You will need to create playlists before they are available in the video upload interface. You have three options for the visibility of your video under "Visibility". Public, private, or password protected.

You can enter in up to 10 different tags under a "Tags" box. Also, you can place a check in the "Age-restricted content" box, so that younger viewers cannot watch this video. You are completed with the "Basic" portion of your video settings.

You can click on an "Advanced" tab or just click on "Publish" to publish your video. Also, you can click on "Cancel" to cancel this video upload. I usually do not make any changes under the "Advanced" tab.

You can configure "Geoblocking" settings. If you want to make this video featured then place a check in the box next to "Feature video". You can manually set a "Record date".

If you want to add subtitles then click on "Add subtitles" under "Subtitles". Finally, you can choose what video that will play next by entering in a uniform resource locater link to another video in the "Play next" box.