Desktop Email Client – How to Fix Mozilla Thunderbird When Crashing

Desktop Email Client

Is your Mozilla Thunderbird email client crashing all of a sudden? I upgraded Thunderdbird to 31.2.0 and noticed it started crashing. I'm not sure if this was a coincidence.

Perhaps upgrading caused my Thunderbird profile to become corrupted or just happen chance. Anyhow, I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 on this computer with this problem. I'm going to show you how I quickly resolved this issue.

First, I tried starting Thunderbird with a different user account, in this case I ran it as root. I no longer received this crash error. Next, I renamed my .thunderbird directory in Ubuntu to .thunderbird.old.

Desktop Email Client

I started Thundebird email client and it opened correctly. However, it was a generic profile with no email accounts. To fix this issue I went into my old Thunderbird email client profile that I had renamed and then copied all data from a xxxx.default folder.

I pasted that data into a new xxxxx.default folder, created in .thunderbird. When prompted I choose to over write all existing files. I started Thunderbird and this time all my email accounts were working properly.

Hopefully, these steps will help you get your crashing Thunderbird email client working properly again.

Eudora Email Software – Fix Your Missing or Corrupt Mail

Eudora Email Software

You have Eudora paid mode. It has repeatedly locked up your system, and their support has been unable to solve this problem. At this point, repeated hard rebooting your system has caused Eudora to stop functioning.

When you start Eudora, all those messages in an inbox show a question mark in a status column. It gave you an error message on one of your other inboxes with a .mbx file, so you deleted that box. Is there some way you can get Eudora to perform a database integrity check or something?

You deleted that errant mailbox and compacted some other mailboxes. You can check out this missing mail / corrupt mail article for Eudora support. It was for a specific error but I think this symptom is similar to yours.

Make sure to backup your existing mailbox files first, as those instructions specify.

Eudora Email Software

Hotmail Thunderbird – Import Live Mail Contacts to Thunderbird

Hotmail Thunderbird

Are you currently using Windows live for email service and want to export your address book to Thunderbird mail? You have Windows 7 for an operating system. You are not happy with your current email service because of default mail problems.

You have downloaded and saved the Thunderbird email software. Your question is will your address book if you run that download installer transfer or does that wizard tell you how to get it transferred? Yes you should be able import your address book from Windows live mail to Thunderbird.

Hotmail Thunderbird

First, you will want to export your Windows live mail contacts into a .csv file. Either during that install process of Thunderbird it will ask you to try to import contacts or once you have that program installed you can go to "Tools" then "Import". You will import the .csv file you created in first step.

These tips were written for a computer running Windows 7 Home Premium with Windows live mail installed but can certainly be a basis for other versions of Microsoft Windows.

Problem Outlook – Unable to Open Your Microsoft Outlook Inbox?

Problem Outlook

Having trouble opening your Microsoft Outlook inbox or deleted items? When you try to open your inbox an error message says there are no items in there but it has received emails. To fix it you downloaded a free scanpst.exe program and it worked for a while but now your inbox will not open again.

You can try repairing Microsoft Outlook by going to add remove programs. Click "Start" then "Run" then type "appwiz.cpl" without quotes and click "Ok". Find MS Office then click "Change" then select repair from here.

Hopefully, it will fix your problem. If not, are you able to enter both your inbox and deleted items folders? Does it cause Outlook to freeze when you do?

Scanpst.exe basically scans any .pst archive files that you have created. Do you by chance have auto archive enabled? Also, are you downloading your email from your internet provider or employer and then saving it on your local machine or do you have Outlook configured to keep the messages on the server?

Problem Outlook

Can you tell me if when you ran scanpst.exe the first time if it told you that it found any errors? I'm trying to narrow down whether it's an issue with corrupted data or if that install of Microsoft Outlook on your computer is damaged. Check out three quick potential solutions for your problem.

Solution 1

Try some following steps and check if it helps. Try opening outlook in safe mode by holding a ctrl key and then click on your Outlook icon. If it works try disabling any Add-Ins that may be causing problem(s).

Solution 2

Try scanning and repairing those data files in Outlook. If it is an exchange server account run Scanost.exe and if it is a pop account try Scanpst.exe. Please check out how to scan and repair Corrupted Outlook data files.

Solution 3

Try creating a new profile in Outlook and re-configure your email account. Please check out information on how to create a new Outlook Profile in Microsoft Outlook 2007. These tips were written for a computer running Microsoft Windows Vista with Outlook 2007 email client, but can certainly be used as a basis point for other Microsoft versions of Windows and Outlook.

Outlook Appointments – Appointments Missing From Your PDA?

Outlook Appointments

Have you just noticed that all of your appointments and calendar events have been deleted from Outlook prior to a current month? Are you using a Blackberry or other PDA device and this has not happened before? Your archive calendar is also empty.

Are you also missing addresses from your address book? You can try to search for any and all .pst files on your computer. Outlook .pst files are archive files.

Also, make sure that you don't have "Delete expired items" checked in your Outlook configuration settings. You can also set Outlook to automatically auto archive your events. Basically, archived items are stored in a compressed archive .pst file.

Outlook Appointments

You can't read those entries on fly, but you can restore those archived events when needed. It's also recommended to backup your archive .pst files if that information is important enough to you. You can check your "Deleted Items" folder in Outlook.

Also, please check your sync settings on your Blackberry. By default some handhelds will delete appointments after 60 days old or whatever their default setting is. I think this is what makes most sense right now. Even if you can't recover your past appointments, please make sure you check out your Blackberry settings and change them to forever or enable Auto Archive in Outlook.

I'm afraid if they are not archived or in deleted items than it might not be possible. If you configure your Blackberry and or Outlook to save or archive your items, as well as backup your archive file, if you create one, then in future you will be able to restore your items. These tips were written for a computer running Microsoft Windows Vista, Outlook email client, and Blackberry Storm PDA but can certainly be used as a basis for other windows computers with Outlook installed and synced with other personal digital assistants.

OutlookExpress Email – Unable to View Images in Your Message

OutlookExpress Email

In Outlook Express your unable to see images in your messages unless you view that email on line. You can try deleting your Temporary Internet files. Depending on a version of Internet Explorer you have installed you:

  • Close all instances of Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Internet Explorer, and Windows Explorer.
  • Go to "Start" then "Control Panel" then go into "Internet Options".
  • Select "General" tab.
  • Click "Delete Files" button.

Hopefully, you will be able to see images in Outlook Express again. If that does not fix your issue you can try completely deleting temporary internet files and index.dat file by:

  • Log on as Administrator and delete the desired <username> folder(s) and reboot.
  • You can also press "Ctrl-Alt-Del" twice at a Welcome screen to bring up an Administrator account.

"C:Documents and Settings/usernameLocal Settings/Temporary Internet Files"

OutlookExpress Email

"Username" is an account or profile that you suspect is corrupt. Remember to delete that folder (Content.IE5) not just contents. A new "Content.IE5" and a set of random named sub-folders and index.dat will be created on restart.

You can not delete these folders from your own account. Hopefully, you will be able to view images. Another fix is to delete a "History" folder and "index.dat" file:

Log on as Administrator and delete the desired <username> folder and reboot.

"C:Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\HISTORY".

You can view detailed instructions for those fixes above and a few other troubleshooting steps for clearing browser cache.

Thunderbird Upgrades – How to Fix Master Password Problem

Thunderbird Upgrades

Have you just upgraded your Thunderbird email software? To your horror, a first thing you may have seen upon restarting that program is that all your email messages and mail boxes have disappeared. Thunderbird needs to convert its database to a new format.

Some time later that program may have asked for your master password. You don't remember ever using a master password and you usually typed individual passwords for each of your accounts. Perhaps you used a master password a long time ago and forgot about it. So what now you ask and how can you retrieve this master password?

You can try removing that master password by typing a following command without quotes into a windows run box "C:path to thunderbirdthunderbird.exe -chrome chrome://pippki/content/resetpassword.xul". Click on "Start" then select "Run" and then type in something similar to C:\Program Files\..thunderbird.exe -chrome chrome://pippki/content/resetpassword.xul. An exact command to type into a "Run" box is an exact path to your thunderbird.exe file on your computer.

Thunderbird Upgrades

Another option is to delete a C:\Documents and Settings\User\ApplicationData\Thunderbird\Profiles.default/key3.db file from your thunderbird windows profile, which should prompt you to reset that master password when opening up this program. In above path "user" is your windows user name that you are currently logged into that has that password issue. You could also use Windows system restore point.

Restore it to a point before you upgraded thunderbird. This time you could go through thunderbird settings to disable a use of a master password and then try upgrading it again without a master password set.

Live Mail Windows – Configure Hotmail, Gmail, MSN, AOL, Etc.

Live Mail Windows

Are you wanting to use Windows live mail with your Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo email account(s) and more? These quick tips will show you how. Browse to windows live mail download and install Windows live mail if you haven't already.

Are you wanting to use Windows live mail with your Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, MSN account(s), or other email account(s)? Open up windows live mail and select an option called "Add an e-mail account". Enter your account information ie. "Email Address", "Password", and "Display Name".

You can click on a box that says "Save Password" as well. Click on "Next". In a next screen you can check that box for "Set this account as default email account". Windows live mail should automatically configure a correct server settings for you when using Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, etc. with it.

Live Mail Windows

Microsoft Address Book – Missing Address Book on Windows 7?

Microsoft Address Book

Some users new to Microsoft Windows 7 have noticed that Outlook Express is missing. They might also be having difficulties finding their old Microsoft address book on their new Windows 7 system, after transferring their data. Microsoft replaced Outlook Express with Windows Live Mail and your computer may have come preinstalled with Windows Live Mail, depending on your operating system distribution.

If you cannot find Windows Live Mail you can download and install windows livemail.

You can then import your old Outlook Address Book into Windows Live Mail Address Book by following:

  1. Open Windows Live Mail, then in a lower left corner of that window click on "Contacts".
  2. Click a "File" menu, select "Import" then click a type of address book that you want to import. If prompted, browse to and choose that file that contains a contact information that you want to import, and then click "Open".

A short description of Windows Live Mail, tutorial on how to export contacts, and importing mail and address book is available.

Microsoft Address Book

Hotmail Contacts – Quick How to Add Contacts to Your Account

Hotmail Contacts

Today I will show you how to quickly find and add contacts to your Microsoft Hotmail account. The menu item for contacts maybe confusing or difficult to find, as Microsoft likes to change their Hotmail web interface. Once logged into your Windows live hotmail account, you will see "Contact List" under "Related Places" which is at a lower left part of that page towards a very bottom.

Click on "Contact List" and that will take you to your contact list where you can add, remove, import, export, etc. contacts.

Hotmail Sign On

Hotmail Contacts

UPDATE: 07/08/2014

Microsoft has once again changed their interface for hotmail. In order to get to your contacts you click on a drop down arrow to right of "" and to left of "New". This drop down menu includes "People". Select "People" and you are now at your contacts. You can add, remove, edit, etc. from within "People".