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Virgin Mobile – Unlimited Service Just $1 With iPhone Purchase

Virgin Mobile USA is providing unlimited service plan for just one dollar. You must purchase a new iPhone from them to get this offer. You will receive unlimited data, talk, and text for just one dollar per month for an entire year.

This deal expires on July thirty first two thousand seventeen. Also, you must sign up for automatic payment to receive this offer. Following are iPhones you can purchase to receive this discount:

* iPhone 6
* iPhone 6s
* iPhone 6s plus
* iPhone SE
* iPhone 7
* iPhone 7 plus

These phones range anywhere from $279.99 to $769.99. After this one year period, your monthly unlimited service fee will change to fifty dollars per month. Another caveat is that you must transfer your an existing workable phone number.

If you are a current Virgin Mobile customer, you can upgrade to an iPhone to obtain this offer. Taxes are added to your monthly service fee. There are additional restrictions.

Customers whom use more than twenty three gigabytes per month, may have bandwidth restrictions during network congestion.

Samsung – Denies Claim That Their Phones Are Easily Hacked

Samsung Incorporated has denied claims that their is a huge security vulnerability with their S Suggest application. Older Samsung smart devices have this software application installed. Samsung discontinued use of this application in two thousand fourteen.

However, there are still plenty of these smart phones still in use today. Samsung allowed the domain expire, thus potentially allowing hackers to circumvent these devices. Obviously, this is more convoluted and complex than just a domain name expiring. was used to control these devices that had an Ssuggest application installed on them. A security researcher allegedly took over this domain. Joao Gouveia, chief technology officer at Anubis Labs, claimed the domain.

Samsung denies that anyone could potentially circumvent security on these older devices by taking over the domain.

"does not allow you to install malicious apps, it does not allow you to take control of users' phones."

Joa claimed he saw six hundred twenty million connections from around 2.1 million devices in first twenty four hours.

Judy – Android Malware Affects up to 37 Million Users

Check Point researchers are credited with finding another android malware. This one is called Judy and can potentially affect up to thirty seven million users. This malware was propagating via the Google Play store.

This malware is a one click install application found in forty one applications. This malware generates revenue for perpetrators by submitting fraudulent advertisement clicks. These applications reached 4.5 million to 18.5 million downloads.

Some of these malware applications were stored on the Google Play store for years. However, all applications were recently updated. Malware from these forty one applications were found in other applications from a different developer.

Check Point researchers surmise that possibly up to 36.5 million downloads of this malware occurred. This malware has a command and control center server. Individuals at Google removed these applications soon after Check Point contacted them.

Remote ToGo RDP – Allows You to Connect From Android to Linux

I had a YouTube live stream chatter ask if I could help them connect from their Android device their Kali linux machine. They were running Kali Linux 2017. They want to remotely control their Kali linux box from their Android.

First you need to install xrdp on your Kali linux machine. Then you need to start this service. Finally, you want to enable this protocol to start each time Kali linux boots.

These commands should perform afore mentioned tasks. You will need to login with root privileges.

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
apt-get dist-upgrade
apt-get install xrdp
service xrdp start
service xrdp-sesman start
update-rc.d xrdp enable

At this point you can now remotely connect to your Kali linux machine via remote desktop protocol. You can use clients like Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Connection. You should see a login window.

Now, you want to install a free RemoteToGo RDP/VNC For Android application from the Google Play Store. Once you install this application on your Android you want to open "RemoteToGo". Click on "NO" to continue with application.

Click on "NEW CONNECTION". You want to make sure you select RDP. You have to enter information under "Label" and "Host". You can enter anything under label. You want to type in hostname or ip address of your Kali linux machine.

I had to enter my username and password under "Credentials". My Android virtual keyboard does not work with this application. Click the back button to go back a screen.

RemoteToGo will ask if you want to save your connection. Choose Yes. Click on your connection and it will automatically remote into your Kali linux machine.

If you hold your finger on this connection a pop up menu will open up. You can "Connect", "Edit", or "Delete" this connection from that menu. Hopefully, you have now successfully controlled your Kali Linux machine from your Android device.

Blackberry Keyone – Android Smartphone

Blackberry Limited has released their Keyone android smartphone. This device will become available for purchase May thirty one two thousand seventeen. This device includes android 7.1 operating system.

A 4.5 inch touchscreen and twelve megapixel camera are included. Also, two terabyte microsd cards are supported. You can register now to get notified when this device is ready for pre-order.

This device comes with an aluminum frame. A built in keyboard comes with programmable shortcuts. You can flick words as you type. Touch navigation similar to a touchpad is included.

Android Nougat 7.1 operating system with home screen widgets comes stock. A 3505 mAh battery is built in. Blackberry claims this battery will last all day.

This device is secured with Blackberry security software. This device includes an eight megapixel front facing camera and twelve megapixel main rear facing camera. This device runs off an octa core processor.

The keyone includes three gigabytes of onboard random access memory and thirty two gigabytes of flash memory. WiFi up to 802.11 five gigahertz ac is supported. You can find out more details about the Blackberry Keyone android smartphone.

DroidCam – Turns Your Android Camera Into Webcam

I have been searching for a way to use my android's camera as a webcam. I found a free application DroidCam that performs this action. I have used my HTC 626s Desire as a webcam for many of my YouTube videos.

You can use Droidcam one of two ways. You can connect your android to your computer via a USB cable. Also, you can use a wireless feature.

You must install a free DroidCam application onto your android. Also, you must install a free application on your Microsoft Windows or Linux based operating system. DroidCam is available on the Google play store.

Once you have both pieces of software installed you then must start DroidCam on both your android and computer. You can connect to your android either via wifi or USB. You click on a "Start" button on either a WiFi or USB tab.

Once connected you can obviously see your android camera in action. You can use DroidCam with applications like OBS studio as a webcam. You can broadcast both audio and video.

This free version has limitations. A pro version has other options like 720P, zoom, color adjustments, etc. DroidCam will work with Google plus, Skype, and other programs.

Moto X – G4 Play to Receive Android Nougat

Motorola is going to roll out Android Nougat for the Moto G4 Play in June of 2017. Previously other Moto G4 smart devices received nougat except for the G4 Play. A Lenovo company spokes person validated that in June the Moto G4 Play would received the latest Android operating system nougat.

“Consumers will start to see Android Nougat on Moto G4 Play in June.”

You can check out an Android Nougat upgrade schedule for motoral devices. You will need to choose from following manufacturers. Not all manufacturers may roll out Android Nougat on same schedule.

* AT&T
* Boost
* Consumer Cellular
* Republic Wireless
* Sprint
* T-Mobile
* Tracfonze
* US Cellular
* Verizon
* Virgin Mobile

Finally, you can search using same tool above if you have a different carrier or a retail Moto G4 Play.

HTC Desire 626s – Metro PCS Bug Fixes Download

HTC Corporation released maintenance update 2.17.1550.13 on April five two thousand seventeen. This update is specifically for an HTC Desire 626s on Metro PCS network. I actually have one of these androids.

Also, I do not have service with Metro PCS and was still able to download and install this update via WiFi. This is a maintenace update that is supposed to fix some bugs. I was not able to find out how many and what specific bugs.

You should make sure that your device is connected via a wall chargers. Also, HTC corporation recommends your battery is at least thirty five percent charged. They claim it can take at least twenty minutes for this update to complete.

Your HTC Desire 626s may reboot multiple times during this upgrade. Also, if your on a metered connection you may want to connect to the Internet via WiFi as this upgrade is 112.7 megabytes in size. You can basically upgrade your device three different ways.

In my case I was notified of a software update. I downloaded that update and then installed that update. If you are not notified you can manually check to see if this update is available.

Go to "Settings" then select "About". Choose "Software Updates" and you will either be prompted with an update to install or a message will state that your device is up to date. You want to look for 2.17.1550.13 update.

If you click on "Software information" in "About" screen you will see your current software number. Obviously, if it is 2.17.1550.13 you do not need to reinstall. If it is older then you want to install a newer update.

Another way to install this update manually is to download this update with HTC Sync Manager. This download is over one gigabytes size. Also, you will end up deleting all information from your HTC 626s.

Here are the manual system update instructions for your HTC Desire 626s.

Android Nougat – For Samsung Galaxy 5 & S6

Google Android Nougat operating system is available for both a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Verizon wireless is rolling out this update for these devices. You want to look for software version N920VVRU3CQB9 on your Note 5.

If you own a S6 Edge, then you want to look for software version G928VVRU3CQB9. You can manually check for this update by going into "Settings" and then choosing "System Updates". You may want to connect to the Internet via WiFi if your on a metered connection.

Also, it is recommended that you plug in your wall charger during this upgrade or have a well charged battery.

Verizon Wireless – Denies Android AppFlash is Spyware

Verizon Wireless has responded to public accusations that AppFlash is a spyware program. Verizon was going to start installing AppFlash in coming months to all their customers Android devices. This application is a application launcher and web search utility.

However, Kelly Crummey the Director of Corporate Communications at Verizon is quoted as saying:

"As we said earlier this week, we are testing AppFlash to make app discovery better for consumers. The test is on a single phone – LG K20 V – and you have to opt-in to use the app. Or, you can easily disable the app.

Nobody is required to use it. Verizon is committed to your privacy. Visit to view our Privacy Policy."

In looking into this incident further I found out that Verizon is already obtaining quite a bit of data from their customers already. Their built in application My Verizon collects a ton of information about you. This application has access to following information:

* Device and application history
* Running applications
* Cellular data settings
* Change or intercept network settings as well as traffic
* Find accounts
* Calendar events and confidential information
* Can add or modify calendar events and send email without your knowledge
* Read contacts
* Modify contact
* Approximate location
* Precise location
* Access provider commands
* Read your text messages
* Receive text messages
* Send SMS messages
* Edit text messages
* Call phone numbers
* Reroute outgoing calls
* Read call log
* Read phone status as well as identity
* Write call log
* Read contents of USB storage
* Modify or delete contents of USB storage
* Take pictures as well as videos
* Record audio
* View Wi-Fi connections
* Read phone status as well as identity
* Update component usage information
* Read your historical network use
* Force device to reboot
* Modify security system settings
* Receive Internet data
* View network connections
* Create accounts as well as set passwords
* Read battery information
* Pair Bluetooth devices
* Access Bluetooth information
* Change network connection
* Connect as well as disconnect from WiFi
* Delete application cache
* Control a flashlight
* Measure application storage information
* Full network accessibility
* Close Applications
* Change audio settings
* Begins at startup
* Draw over applications
* Control device vibration
* Prevent device sleep mode
* Edit system settings
* Read Google service settings