Android Phone Privacy – Now Taken Seriously by OnePlus

As you may now already OnePlus was recently exposed for NOT taking Android phone privacy seriously. Due to public pressure perhaps, a staff member from OnePlus responded on their forums. An initial response from individuals at OnePlus did not go over to well perhaps.

Some consumers want an apology or at least an admission of guilt. I was not able to find an official acknowledgement anywhere on A staff member posted on their forums about how they collect analytics data for their Oxygen operating system.

Personally, as a computer technician I do NOT consider collecting International Mobile Equipment Identity, Media Access Control address, and private telephone numbers analytics collection. I consider this eves dropping, spying, sticking your nose where it does not belong, etc. Anyways, a staff member by the name of Carl, whos title on their forums is as the co-founder of OnePlus chimed in about their nefarious data collection.

He claims that OnePlus via their OxygenOS gathers data for two reasons. Number one, to gather analytics to create a better user experience with OxygenOS. Number two, so that this corporation can better understand how their smart devices behave.

Carl, claims that they, meaning OnePlus are now taking Android phone privacy seriously. He explains that they collect some device information for "after-sales support". Why in the fuck would this corporation need IMEI, MAC address, and personal phone numbers for after sales support?

Also, Carl claims that none of this data is sold or given to third parties. As a solution, this company beginning by the end of October will force all phones running Oxygen operating system to have a prompt in the setup wizard to allow you to opt out of their user experience program. If you do NOT want to wait for this to occur, you can disable a "user experience program" by going to "Settings" then choose "Advanced".

In an advanced menu you can toggle off "Join user experience program". Now moving forward this OnePlus company will include a terms of service agreement explaining further their data analytics process. Also, Carl claims that OnePlus will no longer collect MAC addresses, telephone numbers, and wifi information.

This forum post did NOT mention whether or NOT OnePlus would gather International Mobile Equipment Identity information.

Ransomware Encrypted Files – by DoubleLocker on Android

ESET North America security researchers have identified a new ransomware on Android operating system. They have named this ransomware encrypted files DoubleLocker. This wicked ransomware not only encrypts all your data on your Android device, but also locks your device.

This ransomware misuses Android accessibility services via a banking trojan. However, DoubleLocker does not obtain your banking credentials and stealing your money. Instead this ransomware encrypts your device data, locks your device, and then requests a ransom payment.

This ransomware also has the ability to change your Personal Identification Number, locking you out of your device.

“Given its banking malware roots, DoubleLocker may well be turned into what could be called ransom-bankers. Two-stage malware that first tries to wipe your bank or PayPal account and subsequently locks your device and data to request a ransom… Speculation aside, we spotted a test version of such a ransom-banker in the wild as long ago as May, 2017,”

Lukáš Štefanko ESET security researcher

This ransomware encrypted files DoubleLocker is distributed via a phony Adobe Flash Player. Compromised websites are used to spread this fake software. This software once installed uses the Google Play service to obtain administrator rights permissions without your approval.

This ransomware hijacks the Home button, so that each time you click the Home button, the ransomware is activated. Once the DoubleLocker ransomware is activated then your Personal Identification Number is changed. You must then pay a ransom in order for this PIN to get changed by the perpetrators and your device unlocked.

Adding insult to injury perhaps, a second ransom is neccessary. Your Android device then suffers ransomware encrypted files via Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm. Again you must pay a ransom so that the perpetrators can decrypt your data.

This ransom costs around fifty dollars and you are warned you must pay within twenty four hours. There are security solutions that you can install on your Android to protect yourself from DoubleLocker. You can remove DoubleLocker by resetting your device back to factory.

However, you will loose your data, but unless you pay the ransom, you won't be able to recover your data anyways.

Android Phone Privacy – Invaded by OnePlus?

Is your Android phone privacy being invaded by OnePlus? OnePlus a subsidiary of OPPO Electronics Incorporated has been obtaining quite a bit of data from owners of their smartphone devices. To some they have been collecting too much information about you, the end user.

Developer Christopher Moore noticed strange network activity from his OnePlus device. That phone was sending quite a bit of data to This domain is actually legitimate and owned by OnePlus.

Christopher was able to decrypt this data and found out that quite a bit of private information was being sent to this server. Each time that phone was locked, unlocked, and restarted, a timestamp log was sent to

“the phone’s IMEI(s), phone numbers, MAC addresses, mobile network(s) names and IMSI prefixes, as well as my wireless network ESSID and BSSID and, of course, the phone’s serial number.”

This is quite the information grab, even for a smartphone provider. This server also collects logged information about your application activity. For whatever reason OnePlus is collecting information about when and why you open and use an application on their smartphones.

A representative from OnePlus claims that an end user can disable this arbitrage of data collection. They released a statement to

"We securely transmit analytics in two different streams over HTTPS to an Amazon server. The first stream is usage analytics, which we collect in order for us to more precisely fine tune our software according to user behavior. This transmission of usage activity can be turned off by navigating to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Advanced’ -> ‘Join user experience program’.

The second stream is device information, which we collect to provide better after-sales support."

That is an interesting way to define spying, at least to me. If it is indeed true that you can turn off all that evesdropping, then at least you have that option. Another option is to uninstall OnePlus Device Manager.

Finally, you could obviously stop using your OnePlus device.

Apple iPhone Battery Replacement – For Model 4S A1387

Apple iPhone Battery Replacement

As a computer repair technician, sometimes I get other requests. For example one of my customers wanted me to diagnose her Apple iPhone 4S smart phone. I could only get this device to power on and work one time.

I had discharged and then charged this battery. However, I could not get this device to start up properly again. After researching this on the Internet, I concluded that an Apple iPhone battery replacement was in order.

There are two screws that you need to remove from the bottom. You will not be able to remove the back cover without removing these screws. After you remove these screws then you will be able to remove the back cover.

You might want to use a plastic pick, similar to a guitar pick to loosen the cover. You do NOT necessarily want to use a screw driver or other metal device because you may end up scratching this smart phone. Flip the phone so that back cover is visable.

Push the back cover upwards and away from yourself. The cover will slide off. This Apple iPhone 4S came with an Li-ion battery.

There are two really small screws to the bottom left of this battery that you have to remove, in order to take out a small attachment. You do not want to loose this attachment. Now you can take a plastic or other type of tool that won't scratch up this battery.

This battery was glued onto the back side. Slowly, loosen the battery and glue with your plastic tool. Eventually, the battery will loosen enough so that you can take it out.

The battery connection now pops out too, because you removed a cover piece earlier. Now all you have to do is install the replacement battery. You have two really small screws and small attachment to tighten.

Do not forget the two larger bottom screws. You do NOT want the back cover to come off. You have just completed a Apple iPhone battery replacement for model 4S A1387.

Latest T Mobile Phones – Pixel 2 Get 50 Percent Back Deal

T-Mobile USA Incorporated has announced a deal on their latest T Mobile phones. You can get up to fifty percent off your Google Pixel 2 smartphone. You must bring your device from another carrier.

This offer applies to both Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. This is a limited time offer from T-Mobile. However, at the time of this blog post creation, T-Mobile did NOT announce an expiration date.

You will get up to fifty percent off the manufacturer's suggested retail price for a Pixel 2 64 gigabyte model. You will receive a prepaid card. You must add a T-Mobile one or simple choice unlimited plan in order to receive this offer.

T-Mobile stipulates that you can bring your Google Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL from Verizon, to obtain this deal. If you are a new customer you will need to add a qualifying line order. Existing T-Mobile customers will need to add a line on a qualifying plan.

Another item required is proof of purchase. Then you will receive via snail mail a prepaid Mastercard. You can receive this offer anywhere T-Mobile conducts business, including online. You can even receive this deal on back ordered devices.

You have thirty days after registering, adding a rate plan, and receiving your phone, to obtain this fifty percent back offer. You must be the first owner of this device. If you purchased this device from Amazon, Craigslist, eBay, etc. and you are not the original owner, then you won't be able to obtain this deal.

LG Industries – LG V30 Smartphone

LG industries also known as Lucky Goldstar has released their LG V30 smartphone. You can now purchase this device on three seperate carriers. The LG V30 is one of latest T Mobile phones, AT&T Business, and Verizon business. This is the world's first 600 MHZ device.

This device will support Long Term Evolution gigabit speeds. This smartphone includes a six inch oled screen. When purchasing this device from T-Mobile you must also obtain a SIM starter kit.

This latest T Mobile phones is priced at $800. You can make an $80 down payment, and then pay $30 per month for twenty four months from T-Mobile. You can actually edit and share audio and video from this device.

AT&T Business is charging $809 for the same smartphone. You can make $27 monthly payments instead of a one time payment. They list this phone as being available for shipping October 10 - 12 two thousand seventeen.

This smartphone comes with a front five megapixel camera and a rear facing thirteen megapixel camera. With AT&T Business this device includes Wi-Fi calling, high definition voice, video calling, advanced messaging, etc. This LG V30 comes with an octacore processor.

In other words this smartphone has eight cores. AT&T ships this phone with Google Android Nougat operating system. You get four gigabytes of random access memory, up to sixty four gigabytes of internal memory, and up to two terabytes microSD memory.

Verizon business lists this LG V30 for $840. Also, you can pay $35 per month instead of a one time payment. Verizon business is shipping this device with Google Android Nougat 7.1.2 operating system.

You might want to check out the three afore mentioned links to check out specifications from these three service providers. You may need to purchase an expandable MicroSD memory card. If you register your LG V30 smartphone you will get a two year limited warranty.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Cell Phone – Upgrade to Nougat

A viewer from my Anet Computers Youtube channel, requested I make a Youtube tutorial for Samsung Galaxy S7 cell phone upgrade to Android Nougat. Android Nougat is actually Google Android operating system 7. Samsung advises that your device must be on baseband version G930AUCU4BQG1.

Plis tutorial upgrade S7 Flat AT&T to Nouget, Thanks?

Oke Aj*

If your device is not upgraded to this version, you will NOT be able to upgrade to Android Nougat. You want to use a fully charged device. Also, you might want to plug in your Samsung Galaxy S7 cell phone into a power source during this upgrade.

You can connect over the air via WiFi. Otherwise this upgrade is quite large and could be costly if your on a metered connection. Choose "Settings" by swiping down from your notification bar.

Select "About device" and then tap on "Software update". Select "Check for updates". If an update is available then follow those prompts to download and install Google Android Nougat on your Samsung Galaxy S7 cell phone. Your device will restart once this upgrade is complete.

Remember baseband version G930AUCU4BQG1 must be installed, before you can upgrade to Nougat. You can verify whether or not this device has correct baseband version by going into "Settings" and then selecting "About device". Also, it is recommended to backup your device before beginning this upgrade to Android Nougat 7.

You can backup your important data on this Samsung Galaxy S7 cell phone via an micro SD card, a personal computer, or a software application. According to Samsung this device is 41.6 megabytes in size.

Display Android Screen on PC – Wireless With ApowerMirror

Display Android Screen on PC

A viewer on my Anet Computers YouTube channel, requested that I make a video demonstrating ApowerMirror wireless option. I had previously made a video explaining how to install and use ApowerMirror. However, I did not demonstrate the wireless option.

WiFi mode doesn't let me control from pc. Could you make a video and use WiFi in that?

Adesuwa Dxxxxx

ApowerMirror is a FREE application to display Android screen on PC on your Google Android and Apple iPhone. Your Google Android device must be running Android version 5.0 or newer.

If you have an Apple iPhone then any version with AirPlay is compatible. You will be able to actually control your device from your Android and or iPhone. You can screen capture and record your smart device screen.

Also, you can take screenshot photos. A professional version is available for commercial use that removes an ApowerMirror watermark. In order to be able to control and stream your Android or iPhone screen wireless, you must be connected on the same WiFi network.

Then you download and install ApowerMirror from either Google play store or Apple store. Once this display android screen on PC application is installed, then click on a blue ApowerMirror icon to scan for your computer. Remember both your Android and computer must be on same WiFi network.

Also, you must install ApowerMirror desktop application. Make sure that you select "WiFi Connection" on both your computer and Android device. On your smart device you will see your computer labeled as "Apowersoft[username]".

If your Microsoft windows username you login with is johndoe than your computer will show up as "Apowersoft[johndoe]". Tap on Apowersoft[johndoe] and you should be connected via WiFi. Your WiFi connection will dictate how responsive this works.

For example an 802.11 n connection will be better than an 802.11 g connection. You should be able to see your Android screen on your computer now. You can use ApowerMirror in guest mode.

However, most of the FREE version features are disabled. You must register for a FREE account in order for other FREE features to become enabled.

Phone Service With Unlimited Data – by Tmobile Slow Down After 50GB

T-Mobile USA Incorporated has decided to increase what they call their prioritization point. This company is incresing it from thirty two gigabytes to fifty gigabytes. What this means is that many if not most wireless carriers slow down your connection when you reach their data ceiling.

For example, before if you were a T-Mobile customer, when you reached thirty two gigabytes of data, your speed might decrease. This data speed cap is per month. T-Mobile also claims that data usage on their network has increased by fifty percent over the past twelve months.

Another claim by T-Mobile USA Incorporated is that their network speed has increased by twenty five percent. This company recently released Netflix on us that supposedly streams one million hours of Netflix per day to their customers. They claim that their Long Term Evolution network connection averages 30 Mbps thirty megabits per second per customer.

Once you reach fifty gigabytes of data on your phone service with unlimited data with T-Mobile, then in congested network areas, your speed might decrease. T-Mobile claims that you must reach fifty gigabytes of data use and are located on a congested network before this throttle or cap is instituted. This speed cap resets each month.

You would be placed in line behind other customers that have used less data if you are on a congested part of T-Mobile's network. This increase in data cap throttling won't take precedence until tomorrow September twenty two thousand seventeen. With this increase you could stream Netflix for two hours every day in a month and only use around forty two gigabytes of data per month.

You would avoid T-Mobile Business speed cap and throttling requirement.

Verizon Business – Terminates 8500 Rural Users Over Data Usage

Verizon Wireless has decided to give eight thousand five hundred paid customers the fucking boot, for the audacity of using too much data on their unlimited data usage accounts. These customers are rural customers in thirteen states.

* Alaska
* Idaho
* Iowa
* Indiana
* Kentucky
* Maine
* Michigan
* Missouri
* Montana
* North Carolina
* Oklahoma
* Utah
* Wisconsin

Even the Verizon Business corporate communications director Kelly Crummey is blunt about this decision.

“Approximately 8,500 customers—using a variety of plans—were notified this month that we would no longer be their service provider after October 17th, 2017,”

What a fucking crummy decision, pun intended. Verizon Business claims that these roaming customers are making it difficult for them to make a profit. I am highly suspicious of this claim, but that is what Verizon is claiming.

Some of these eight thousand five hundred paying customers are outside of Verizon's network in these thirteen states. You see Verizon agreed to provide wireless service to rural areas under what is known as LRA Rural America program. One family customer claimed that they only used fifty gigabytes of data in one month with four devices and yet they are getting the boot from this crummy Verizon Business.

Verizon sent out very blunt letters to these customers in advance. However, Verizon Business supposedly did not offer to limit their usage or work with them to provide Internet service. They just fucking gave them the boot.

Verizon gave these customers until October seventeen two thousand seventeen to obtain other Internet service. Also, they warned them that these customers would not be able to transfer their phone numbers to different providors if they don't port their numbers by the cut off date.

I am no legal expert, but if I was one of their customers I would be reading the Verzion service contract. Verizon to me is acting extremely fascist. Another report claims that closer to twenty thousand rural customers are having their lines disconnected by Verizon Wireless.

They are even allegedly willing to forgive balances owed to them by customers that are leasing devices. They want to dump these customers so bad that they are giving away freebies. Local wireless service providors obtained loans to try to provide service in these rural areas.

Although, many of them were leasing from Verizon Business anyways. Verizon customers received letters similar to this example:

Dear Danny

During a recent review of customer accounts, we discovered you are using a significant amount of data while roaming off the Verizon Wireless network.

While we appreciate you choosing Verizon, after October 17, 2017, we will no longer offer service for the numbers listed above since your primary place of use is outside the Verizon service area.

We encourage you to evaluate your wireless provider options and switch your service on these lines to another provider before October 17, 2017. After your Verizon Wireless services is discontinued on October 17, 2017, you will no longer be able to transfer your phone numbers to a different provider.

To make your transition easier, any outstanding Device Payment Plan balances for your devices purhased prior to September 12, 2017 will be waived no later than October 31, 2017. Should you have any questions, please call us at 800-922-0204 or by pressing *611 on your Verizon Wireless phone between the hours of 9AM-8PM Eastern Standard Time.