A105 Satellite – Tips to Improve Your Slow Toshiba A105-S4334

Your Toshiba Satellite A105-S4334 seems to run very slowly. You have removed a battery and are only using an AC adapter. A blue LED power indicator light on your computer seems to dim.

You cleaned out your hard drive. Defragmenter did not recommend running a defragmentation session. You can check to make sure your laptop fan is spinning.

Also, you can check if that fan has dust blocking a fan vent. Your computer might be overheating and powering off. If your laptop fan is not spinning and running that is your problem.

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It might be a good idea to blow it out with canned air or with compressed air. I assume you have anti virus software installed. You could perform a full system scan with MalwareBytes and CCleaner.

It could be your memory too. You might want to reseat your memory and hard drive. You just take out memory module(s) and hard drive and then reinstall them. I recommend blowing out your laptop fan too, even if you can’t see large dust particles.

I’ve seen computers run much better after just having their fans cleaned with compressed air or canned air.