Tools of my Trade

These are the software and tools I use for my computer business and YouTube videos. Some of these links below are affiliate links.

YouTube Channel

For YouTube videos, I use Open Broadcaster Software studio, Kazam, and ShareX video software programs. These three pieces of software are entirely free. I use a Behringer Xenix 802 mixer board, Behringer B-1 condenser microphone, and sometimes a Hayday universal serial bus condensor microphone to record audio in podcasts and videos.

Domain Names

The domain name is registered with a different domain name service provider. However, I affiliate with my preferred previous NameCheap domain name service provider. I have NOT had any domain name issues since using these two providers.

Anti-Malware Software

This is my preferred Superantispyware anti-malware of choice spyware software. This software most times removes objects that the garbage ware known as MalwareBytes will NOT detect. Also, I use Emsisoft emergency tool kit, which will find objects that sometimes even Superantispyware will not.

Finally, I keep ComboFix in my toolkit for those ultra infected computers.

Anti-Virus Software

I install Avira anti-virus, or Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus on used computers I sell or repair. I mention the professional version of Avira to my customers. If Microsoft Windows Defender is available, I use that anti-virus software to scan for computer viruses.

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Computer Optimization

The Piriform Ccleaner software program is my preferred computer optimization tool for both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh users. I use this software to clean up files and windows registry entries. Also, there is a portable version for administrators and advanced users.

Data Recovery

The Piriform Recuvva computer program is one of my preferred applications for damaged or deleted file recovery. PhotoRec and TestDisk are two other preferred Linux based file recovery utilities. For mounting Macintosh hard drives on Microsoft Windows operating system, I use HFS Explorer.

Virtual Private Server

I host on a Cloud Fanatics virtual private server. I used to have issues with the firewall known as Internet protocol tables. However, this companies support team was always responsive and fixed my issue.

Then they provided me the commands to use in a terminal window, so that I could fix this occasional occurring issue on my own accord. I switched operating systems and no longer receive this problem. I have not had any other major problems with Cloud Fanatics virtual private servers since then.