Acer Laptop Computer – Aspire E1-470P-6659 Keyboard Removal

One of my computer repair customers brought me an Acer laptop computer, model Aspire E1-470P-6659 that might have a failing keyboard. Some of the keys stick when pressed. It could be the operating system, since Windows 10 has other symptoms like missing drivers, will not mount a universal serial bus flash drive, and over all system slugishness.

I still think it could be a faulty keyboard hardware wise. I will describe how to take this Acer laptop computer apart so that you can either disconnect and reconnect the keyboard to the motherboard or replace the keyboard. There are a total of 21 total screws you need to remove.

This Acer laptop computer does not have normal release latches. Instead there is a release hole closest to the battery. You can use a screw driver or perhaps paper clip. Once you insert the screw driver or paper clip then pull the opposite direction.

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Once you pulle this release the opposite direction, then you can pull out this battery. I have never come across a release like this for a laptop battery. Also, you want to remove either the optical drive or dummy blank.

My customer’s Acer laptop computer model Aspire E1-470P-6659 did NOT have an optical drive but did have a dummy insert. Now you can disconnect the keyboard ribbon cable from the motherboard. If you are just going to disconnect and reconnect you don’t need to disconnect the accompanying mouse pad ribbon cable.

Reconnect the ribbon cable for the keyboard and then reverse your work. Also, you can now replace the keyboard with a new one or used one now. Reverse your work, making sure to put back the optical drive or dummy insert.

Also, make sure to tighten down all 21 screws. You don’t want to forget the battery. Now you can boot the operating system to see if your Acer laptop computer keyboard works correctly.