Antivirus and Security Software – Missing From Your Computer?

I received another positive rating from a customer, on a third party website, where I answer computer and technology related questions. Here is there question:

I have a Panda 2015 lifetime license. I had problems with my computer and did a safe start. Now Panda seems to have been deleted.

When I try to open it nothing happens. What do I do?

This customer had a computer with Windows 10. They tried restarting their computer but Panda did not open. The following is my answer.

If you booted your computer into safe mode than sometimes antivirus software is disabled, when running windows in safe mode. You could try to boot your Windows 10 computer into normal mode. If you already booted into normal mode and Panda is missing or not working properly, you could try one of two procedures.

Right click the Windows 10 start icon and choose “Apps and Features”. Look for your Panda software.
Select this software by clicking on it.

Look to see if there is a repair option. Run a repair and see if that fixes your problem. Another procedure you could try is performing a Windows system restore.

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A system restore will restore your Windows 10 operating system back to the date you choose. You want to pick a restore point before you were having problems with Panda. Click on the “Cortana” search icon.

Type in “System Restore” in a search box. Choose “Create a restore point”. You should have been taken to a window with “System Protection” tab selected.

In this tab click on “System Restore…”. Click “Next” on “Restore system files and settings”. Choose a restore point by clicking on one, then click “Next”.

Try to choose a restore point back to before you were having this problem. Click on “Finish” to confirm your restore point. Windows 10 system restore will need to restart your computer and can take awhile to run. Eventually Windows 10 will boot normal.

Hopefully, this will fix your problem with Panda. If none of these fix your problem I can search for a Panda install download. I would need to know the exact version of Panda you purchased.