Arcsoft TotalMedia – How to Verify Arcsoft Backup Succeeded

Are you having problems verifying your ArcSoft Total Media backups? When you try to confirm that a backup is successful by opening these files on your backup device, you may get a message that Windows is unable to open some NBP files. With ArcSoft total media backup, you can’t just view backed up files on your external drive directly by browsing.

Q: How do I view those files I have backed up?

A: You cannot directly use or view files you have backed up by using ArcSoft Total Media Backup. These files are combined into a series of 2 gigabyte archive files used to protect them from accidental modification and or viruses. To view what files are in a specific backup, you choose “Restore” from a main menu of ArcSoft and select where your backup is stored at.

Arcsoft TotalMedia

On a following page highlight a backup that you would like to review and choose open. Click next and then choose an “Advanced Restore” option, and click next again. On a following screen you will see a menu similar to Microsoft Windows explorer where you can browse through folders and files included in your backup.

You will not be able to access or modify that file without restoring it to your computer system first. Feel free to check out further help for ArcSoft Total Media Backup from Arcsoft software support.