Audio Troubleshooting – Fixes no Sound With Windows Devices

Fixes for no sound from Windows integrated sound devices. You may receive “code 22” or “this device cannot start code 10”, with your Windows sound devices. Go to “Start” then go to “Control Panel”.

In control panel go to “System” then select “Hardware” tab. In Hardware tab select “Device Manager”. While in device manager right click and select “Enable” on a device you are getting that code 22 message.

If that device will not enable, then right click on that device again and this time select “Delete”. Press a “Scan for hardware changes” icon. Windows will find that device again.

Audio Troubleshooting

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If you have Windows updates enabled that driver should be downloaded. You may be prompted for a Windows XP installation CD. Another fix is to try going into device manager and this time going into properties of that audio codec.

Instead of deleting and reinstalling try to roll back a driver for that device. If that does not work you can try booting your computer into Windows Safe Mode by pressing your F8 key after a system BIOS message flashes. Choose “Last Known Configuration”.

Another option is to try performing a System Restore. Finally, downloading and installing drivers for that problematic sound device, directly from your computer manufacturer’s would be a preferred fix than performing a system restore. Some sound devices will fail or function  with problems, when using Microsoft drivers.