Bad Sector Hard Disk – Repair Your HD Long Enough to Recover Data

You have Microsoft Windows XP on your computer. It will start, open a desktop and all icons appear on screen but can’t open any programs. You have hard rebooted fifteen to twenty times, same thing every time.

Is your hard drive corrupt? Some times it will start to open, then locks up. Last time you ran System Mechanic several days ago, it found numerous hard drive errors.

It fixed them and your system seemed to be okay. That computer is going on six years old, maybe it is time to replace. You were going to use your recovery disk but you don’t want to erase that drive and start over.

Also, you tried booting from a System Mechanic disk to run drive docter, but it won’t let you select what drive to examine. A cursor only moves left to right, not up or down to make a selection. After trying that it leaves you to believe you might have a virus, trojan horse, or some form of malware.

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Have you tried booting into any safe mode options? Usually bad sectors is an indication of a failing hard drive or operating system. Power on that computer and immediately start tapping an F8 key until an advanced boot option menu opens.

Please select “Safe mode with command prompt”. Type in “chkdsk /f /r” without quotes into that command prompt. When you are prompted with a volume is in use message type Y or Yes.

A chkdsk scan will be scheduled. Reboot that computer and a chkdsk scan should begin. I would highly recommend getting a new hard drive.

You can try running a sfc /scannow scan. That might fix your problem of not being able to run a chkdsk. A chkdsk scan with /r variable looks for bad sectors.