Dell Latitude E5530 Factory Restore

Another computer question from a third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions. This one deals with factory restoring a Dell computer. The question is quoted verbatim below.

Hi, I have a Dell Latitude E5530. I want to sell it so want to remove any possible way it links to me. How do I factory reset it or what do you recommend I do.

This individual was using a Dell Latitude E5530 with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system installed. You can wipe all your data and reinstall Windows 10 with “Reset this PC”. You can perform a “Reset this PC”.

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You will have two options. One will allow you to keep all your personal data, but your applications will get removed. The second option will remove all your personal data and applications.

Follow the instructions below if you want to perform a “Reset this PC”. Left click the Windows 10 start menu button. Click on the “Settings” gear icon.

Then choose “Update & Security”. Now choose “Recovery” then select “Reset this PC”. Click on “Get Started” and choose an option.

Also, you can type in reset this PC into a Cortana search box. Cortana search icon is a round circle or globe icon usually in the lower left corner near the Microsoft Windows 10 start menu button. Reset this PC will remove all personal data, applications, and settings.

The same version of Microsoft Windows 10 you had when you purchased your computer will then reinstall. Also, only applications that were installed in Microsoft Windows 10 well reinstall. This is a relatively quick and easy way to wipe everything from your computer.

If you want to start over with Microsoft Windows 10, sell your computer, or give it away, then this allows you to wipe your computer and reinstall Microsoft Windows 10 with essentially one command.