Microsoft Releases Office 365 E5 For Business

Microsoft Corporation announced today November thirty two thousand fifteen, their release of Office 365 E5 version. This version of Microsoft Office 365 is tailored towards business customers. Microsoft Skype is integrated now into Office 365 with this version.

Also, business customers can replace their meeting and phone systems potentially with this software. New features include:

* Public Switched Telephone Network conferencing
* Broadcast meetings with Skype
* Cloud Private Branch Exchange
* Public Switched Telephone Network calling

You can place regular phone calls and dial into conference calls. Also, you can host up to a ten thousand person business meeting. Businesses can ditch their existing Private Branch Exchange phone system and use a cloud system instead.

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Microsoft is now selling calling plans including phone numbers in the United States. Meetings are conducted using audio, video, content sharing, as well as with a messaging service. Microsoft is partnered with BT Global Services, Orange Business Services, SoftBank, TATA Communications, Telstra, Polycom, and Genesys with this initiative.

This new Office 365 E5 for business suite will cost thirty five dollars per month per user or four hundred twenty dollars per year. Also, Microsoft Skype is including newer data analytics and security capabilities into this Business Enterprise Office 365 E. You can check out more information from this official Microsoft Office 365 E5 blog post.