Online Live Video Streaming – on DailyMotion Discontinued

In June of two thousand seventeen video platform website decided to relaunch with more “professional” content. They decided to transition away from user created content to more daily entertainment, music, news, and sports. It fucking sounds like a television network to me.

Anyways, this will greatly impact average online live video streaming creators like myself. As a matter of fact I received an email from on September twenty two thousand seventeen stipulating that I would no longer be able to livestream on their platform. Below is the email that I received quoted verbatim:

“Hi there,

We are writing to inform you that as of September 27, 2017, you will no longer have access to the live streaming functionality, and will no longer be able to live stream videos on Dailymotion.

After this date, you will still have access to all previously recorded live streams.

Thank you for being a valuable Dailymotion partner! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Dailymotion Team”

I actually have more than one DailyMotion account and received the exact same email from them on my second account. I couldn’t find that much information online about DailyMotion’s transition away from user generated content to most likely paid for content. This video platform is now owned by a French company Vivendi.

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I emailed DailyMotion about this decision and received a response that was basically a canned message from their June two thousand seventeen transition. I recommended in my email that this company should have at least told content creators, the reason why they were going to have their livestreaming capabilities permanently discontinued. I was asked to give them my DailyMotion account information and uniform resource locator for my Anet Computers channel.

So far I have not heard back from their support department. Perhaps DailyMotion will only allow certain content creators live streaming capabilities. I have very few subscribers so I doubt that I will be allowed to online live video streaming on DailyMotion under their relaunch and new owners.


Dailymotion is going to change to a professionnal / premium platform, for this reason we will stop the Live feature to partner non-verified.
This decision concern all partners of the platform.

What I found interesting is that my DailyMotion account had partner standing, but as of this blog post creation, I have lost my livestreaming capabilities. For now I will still be able to upload videos to this platform. I have only made a grand total of eight cents on this video sharing site.

I still plan on uploading video content to DailyMotion to try to obtain traffic to my website. That is if I will even be able to upload content in the future.