Rite Aid Pharmacy 24 Hours – Begins Accepting Mobile Payments

Rite Aid Corporation, announced today August eleven two thousand fifteen, that their nationwide stores will begin accepting mobile payments on August fifteen two thousand fifteen. Nearly four thousand six hundred stores will accept Apple Pay and Google Wallet as forms of payment. Also, Rite Aid will accept Google’s future Android Pay payment system.

Tap and pay via debit and credit cards will also become accepted. Tap and pay is part of Google Wallet payment. Rite Aid has stores in thirty one states and Washington District of Columbia.

Ken Martindale, the Chief Executive Officer of Rite Aid stores and president of Rite Aid Corporation is quoted as saying:

Increasingly, consumers are actively seeking out and incorporating mobile technology into many facets of their life, including their shopping and purchasing decisions,

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Apple Pay allows you to make payments directly from your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Google Wallet allows you to pay with a Gmail account directly from your Android or iPhone. You can check out a Rite Aid official press release on their News Room page.