Acer Laptop Computer – Aspire E1-470P-6659 Hard Drive Removal

I received an Acer laptop computer with operating system problems. This Acer Aspire E1-470P-6659 laptop had Windows 10 home edition installed. I concluded that Windows 10 operating system was corrupt to the point I needed to reinstall this operating system.

The customer had some important data they needed off their hard drive. These are intructions on how you can take out the hard drive for data recovery. There are twenty one screws that you will need to take out.

This laptop has just one bottom cover that you must remove. Also, you need to take out the battery. The Acer laptop computer battery has a release hole near it.

You place a screwdriver or possibly paper clip into this hole and then push the opposite direction to release the battery. Once this battery is removed, there are two smaller screws that you must remove underneath the battery. Now once you have all twenty one screws removed you can pry apart the bottom cover from the laptop base.

You might need a computer pick or even a guitar pick to help you seperate the two plastic pieces. I do NOT recommend you use any metal screwdrivers, as you will most likely start scratching up the plastic. Also, you want to be careful to not just rip apart the back cover.

You see the keyboard and mouse pad are connected to the motherboard via two ribbon cables. If you pull apart the bottom cover too much, you might damage one or both of these ribbon cables. I was able to extract the hard drive without removing the keyboard and or mouse pad.

The SATA hard drive was attached via a SATA hard drive adapter cable. Pull the hard drive out of its location and then pull of this adapter. You have just successfully removed the hard drive out of an Acer laptop computer Aspire E1-470P-6659.