Acer Notebook Recovery – How to Use eRecovery to Restore Your Acer

You have an Acer Aspire 5741Z-5433 laptop computer that you let someone who said they were a computer programmer work on. Now you receive a message that says that the Microsoft Windows seven operating system installed is not genuine. When you try to restore your Acer Aspire laptop computer back to factory settings, you cannot find the Acer eRecovery program on that computer.

Also, you cannot find an Acer eRecovery management website. Do you have any important data on that laptop that you want to keep? You want to click on your “Start” menu icon and select “All Programs”.

In the program list, choose the “Acer” folder, then select the “Acer eRecovery Management” icon. Microsoft Windows seven operating system user account control may ask for your permission to run this program. Select “Yes”.

From the “Acer eRecovery Management” window on the left-hand side, choose “Restore”, then click “Completely Restore System to Factory Defaults”. On the “Confirmation” screen, select “Yes”. Now choose “Start”.

Finally, select “OK” to confirm the factory restoration and then your computer will restart. After that, the computer restarts by choosing “Next” if you agree to a notice on your screen. That notice is informing you that all your data will be erased.

If you have not yet backed up your data, click on “Cancel” now. Next, you get a final confirmation screen. Click “Next”, then click “OK” to start that factory recovery process.

That factory recovery may take a while to finish. You will get a confirmation screen when it is finished. Click “OK” to restart your computer.

If you cannot find an Acer eRecovery program folder on your computer, then restart that computer. When an Acer logo appears on that screen, press the Alt and F10 keys repeatedly. If you are prompted by a Microsoft Windows seven operating system boot screen, press the Enter key.

After that system recovery application has loaded, follow the remaining prompts to reinstall the Microsoft Windows seven operating system. Hopefully, you are able to restore your Acer Aspire laptop back to factory settings. Basically, a factory restore, factory recovery, etc. means that the Microsoft Windows seven operating system will be restored back to when the computer was built in a factory, so to speak.

The Microsoft Windows seven was then installed. Any additional programs, features, and tools are then added. This is known as a computer factory configuration.

Also, any device and hardware drivers are installed for you. Restoring an Acer computer or any computer for that matter can be beneficial for varying reasons. One reason is if you run into an operating system problem like the example above.

Another reason why you would want to factory restore your computer is if you want to sell it. You may not want the new owner to find any personal private information about you on the computer. Also, it would save you time from having to clean up any additional programs you installed.

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Any time you want to no longer use a computer and a new owner obtains it, it is probably a good idea to perform a factory restore if at all possible. You will want to backup any of your important data that you want to keep. After a factory restore is complete, the operating system will be restored back to when it was originally installed.

Whenever I obtain computers, I prefer to perform a factory restoration. Then I will check for and install any Microsoft Windows operating system updates. Finally, I sell the computer with the original factory operating system, applications, hardware drivers, etc.

Caveat emptor, sometimes the factory recovery partition becomes corrupt. Also, some people end up deleting the factory recovery partition. In some cases, the factory recovery option will not work from within the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Occasionally, the factory recovery option will not work by using keystrokes to enter the factory recovery tool even before the Microsoft Windows operating system boots. In these types of situations, you could try to perform a check disk and system file check scans on the computer. If you still cannot perform a factory recovery, then you will resort to performing a fresh installation of the operating system.

I prefer a factory recovery restoration because it normally is quite easy to begin. Also, it saves quite a bit of time when it comes to having to install hardware drivers. You see when you perform a fresh installation of Microsoft Windows operating systems, many of the drivers are not included in the installation.

You either have to browse to each hardware device in device manager and then choose to look for a driver update. The only other option is to try to find the hardware driver from the hardware manufacturer's website. Believe it or not, this can become quite time-consuming.

Especially if there are quite a few hardware devices that do not have a driver installed. Another option is that you can perform a Microsoft Windows seven system restore. Restore your computer back to before you had this problem.

Click the Windows seven "Start" button. Then select "All Programs". Choose "Accessories".

Select the "System Tools" program group. Click the "System Restore" program icon. Click on "Next".

In the next window you will be able to select your restore point. What you want to choose here is a date and time before you had your current problem. Choose a restore point back to before you had your current computer problem(s).

Now you click Next. In order to begin the system restore, you select Finish. Your computer will have to reboot in order to restore it back to the restore point that you picked. You have learned three ways to reinstall the operating system on an Acer Aspire 5741Z-5433 laptop computer.

Hopefully, one of these three tactics allows you to reinstall the operating system.

Acer Notebook Recovery – How to Use eRecovery to Restore Your Acer Video Transcript


acer notebook recovery how to use


erecovery to restore your acer you have


an acer aspire 5741 z 5433 that you let


someone who said they were a computer


programmer work on and now it says that


windows seven installed is not genuine


when you try to restore it to factory


settings you cannot find an acer


erecovery program on that computer also


you cannot find an acer erecovery


management site do you have any


important data on that laptop that you


want to keep click on your Start menu


and click all programs in a program list


click an Acer folder then click an acer


erecovery management icon windows user


account control may ask for your


permission to run this program click yes


from an acer erecovery management window


on left click restore then click


completely restore system for to factory


defaults on a confirmation screen select


yes and click start finally click OK to


confirm restoration and then your


computer will restart after that


computer restarts click Next if you


agree to a notice on your screen that


notice is informing you that all your


data will be erased if you have not


backed up your data click cancel now


next you get a final confirmation screen


click Next then click OK to start that


recovery process that recovery may take


a while to finish you will get a


confirmation screen when it is finished


click OK to restart your computer if you


cannot find an acer erecovery program


folder on your computer then restart


that computer when an Acer logo appears


on that screen press Alt + f10 keys


repeatedly if you are prompted with a


Microsoft Windows boot screen press and


enter key after that system recovery


application is loaded follow some


prompts to reinstall an operating system


so two ways to recover your computer on


an acer they should have an e recovery


software program on the hard drive if


you cannot find it in your Start menus


program I gave you instructions on how


to find it it should some be somewhere


under sea route


program files and you then you can


install it from that location or you can


use the Alt + f10 so you hold down the


Alt key and hold down the f10 keys


together at the same time before your


windows tries to boot so you power on


your computer after a BIOS acer flash


screen displays and before windows tries


to boot you hit alt + f10 and hopefully


you'll get into the e recovery program


and if those two options don't work you


might have to go out to a sers website


and then order recovery discs as long as


you have your original hard drive you


haven't replaced your hard drive you


haven't formatted your hard drive you


have your factory hard drive that came


with your computer when you ordered your


acer you should be able to hopefully get


into the e recovery either through the


alt + f10 or a program that's installed


on your computer that came shipped with


that computer adios