Android Phone Privacy – Now Taken Seriously by OnePlus

As you may now already OnePlus was recently exposed for NOT taking Android phone privacy seriously. Due to public pressure perhaps, a staff member from OnePlus responded on their forums. An initial response from individuals at OnePlus did not go over to well perhaps.

Some consumers want an apology or at least an admission of guilt. I was not able to find an official acknowledgement anywhere on A staff member posted on their forums about how they collect analytics data for their Oxygen operating system.

Personally, as a computer technician I do NOT consider collecting International Mobile Equipment Identity, Media Access Control address, and private telephone numbers analytics collection. I consider this eves dropping, spying, sticking your nose where it does not belong, etc. Anyways, a staff member by the name of Carl, whos title on their forums is as the co-founder of OnePlus chimed in about their nefarious data collection.

He claims that OnePlus via their OxygenOS gathers data for two reasons. Number one, to gather analytics to create a better user experience with OxygenOS. Number two, so that this corporation can better understand how their smart devices behave.

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Carl, claims that they, meaning OnePlus are now taking Android phone privacy seriously. He explains that they collect some device information for “after-sales support”. Why in the fuck would this corporation need IMEI, MAC address, and personal phone numbers for after sales support?

Also, Carl claims that none of this data is sold or given to third parties. As a solution, this company beginning by the end of October will force all phones running Oxygen operating system to have a prompt in the setup wizard to allow you to opt out of their user experience program. If you do NOT want to wait for this to occur, you can disable a “user experience program” by going to “Settings” then choose “Advanced”.

In an advanced menu you can toggle off “Join user experience program”. Now moving forward this OnePlus company will include a terms of service agreement explaining further their data analytics process. Also, Carl claims that OnePlus will no longer collect MAC addresses, telephone numbers, and wifi information.

This forum post did NOT mention whether or NOT OnePlus would gather International Mobile Equipment Identity information.