Apple iPhone 7 Plus – Cameras go Blank and Stop Working

Users of Apple’s iPhone 7 plus are complaining that built in cameras are going blank and no longer working. Apple has yet to confirm this issue. However, Apple customers are able to take their iPhone 7 plus to Apple stores and either get a replacement smart device or camera.

When users try to launch a camera application all they see is a blank screen. Also, they are unable to snap photos and or record video. Since Apple has not yet acknowledged this problem, no one knows with one hundred percent certainty if this is hardware or software related.

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Most likely this is a hardware issue since some posters on Reddit are claiming that either a hardware camera or entire iPhone 7 are being replaced. Also, some users are claiming that this issue surfaced before they upgraded to iOS 10.2. This issue seems to only affect the Apple iPhone 7 plus model.

Since Apple has remained silent pertaining to this issue there is a lack of information as to how many people are being affected. For now affected individuals can visit their local Apple store and get either camera replaced or iPhone 7 plus. After searching the Internet some users have claimed they had rectified this situation by clearing cache or performing factory reset.