Autodesk Inventor 2018 – Installation Instructions

A customer requested help with the installation of Autodesk Inventor version two thousand eighteen. Here is their question below quoted verbatim:

I am trying to get autodesk inventor, student version, running in my computer unsuccessfully. Can you tell me who could help me doing that? Windows 7 Home Premium, MS 2009, Service Pack 1. Dell XPS 8300, 16GB RAM, 64-bit
I downloaded Autodesk Fusion 360, student version, about a year but could never actually open it and try it.

I tried downloading the Inventor v.16 recently but it did not download, apparently because the Fusion version is in my PC. I tried opening Fusion again but couldn’t. What I am after, really is Inventor since I had some previous experience with it and I’d like to refresh and update my skills with CAD.

Could you connect to my PC, remove the Fusion version and download/install Inventor v.16 and set it up ready?

This individual currently has Fusion three sixty software installed. They tried removing Fusion 360 program but get hanged up with errors or frozen windows. I was able to successfully remove Fusion three sixty software by going into Microsoft Windows “Control Panel” then selecting “Programs and Features”.

I first had to end about four or five running Fusion software program processes by opening up Microsoft Windows “Task Manager”. Once those processes were ended I then was able to remove Fusion three sixty software. Then I attempted to start Inventor version number sixteen two thousand sixteen version that was still on this hard drive.

I received an immediate “Abort” error. I tried ending some existing Fusion three sixty processes that were running. I still received this abort error.

Instead of further messing around trying to get Fusion three sixty version two thousand and sixteen to install, I went to the official Autodesk website and I found their catalogue of free software for students and educators. Luckily, this individual already had an Autdesk account login. You must create an account and login to get access to this free software.

He logged in and downloaded Autodesk Inventor 2018 . Here is one caveat, you may need to download both the “Autodesk Downloader” and “Autodesk Inventor 2018” web installer. You will need to select your version, operating system you are using, and language from some drop down lists and then click on the “INSTALL NOW” button.

You will receive educational licenses in your email inbox. I successfully installed Autodesk Inventor two thousand eighteen by first installing Autodesk Downloader. I then ran the Autodesk two thousand eighteen Inventor web installer.

Actually, I downloaded both of these small executables to this individuals computer. Once, I started the web installer, a large window opened up with a download progress indicator. Eventually, a list of available software was displayed with all of them selected as default.

This would take up approximately twenty eight gigabytes of disk space. The client wanted all the software, so proceeded to click “Install”. Depending on your Internet connection speed, this can take quite a bit of time to download.

Eventually, some of the software will begin installing. You want to allow this installer to proceed and complete the installation of all Autodesk Inventor two thousand eighteen software. If the installer freezes up, you can end it and begin again.

You may need to reboot your computer and begin the installation again. You will notice some software will already have been installed successfully, even though the download progess indicator shows data still being processed.

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Autodesk Inventor 2018: Expanding Design Possibilities

Autodesk Inventor 2018 is a powerful, state-of-the-art computer-aided design software specifically geared towards mechanical design, simulation, and three dimensional modeling. Developed by Autodesk, a leading software company known for its innovative design tools, Inventor 2018 is packed with a wide array of features and enhancements that aim to streamline the design process and bring ideas to life with precision and efficiency.

One of the standout features of Autodesk Inventor 2018 is its parametric modeling capabilities. The computer software program uses a set of parameters and constraints to define the relationships between various components and assemblies. This allows designers to easily modify and iterate designs, as changes propagate throughout the model.

Parametric modeling greatly reduces the amount of time and effort required to make design modifications, making it a valuable asset for complex projects. The latest version of Inventor also introduces enhanced three dimensional modeling tools, making it even easier to create detailed and realistic models. With improved surfacing and shape editing, designers can create organic shapes and complex geometries with ease.

Additionally, the newly added capability to import mesh data from various sources, such as three dimensional scans or other software, allows for seamless integration of real-world data into the design process. Autodesk Inventor 2018 also provides a comprehensive set of simulation and analysis tools. These tools enable engineers to test and validate their designs before moving forward with production.

With features like stress analysis, fluid flow simulation, and motion simulation, designers can gain valuable insights into the performance and behavior of their designs, ensuring that any potential issues are identified and resolved early in the process. Collaboration is crucial in the design industry, and Autodesk Inventor 2018 addresses this need with its improved collaboration tools. Designers can now work seamlessly with their team members, sharing designs, annotations, and markups more effectively.

It also offers cloud-based collaboration, enabling easy access to project files from any location and any device. This means that team members can work together on a design, regardless of their physical location, promoting a more efficient and productive workflow. Furthermore, Inventor 2018 incorporates visual documentation tools.

This feature allows designers to create interactive, animated three dimensional assembly instructions and exploded views for better communication and understanding. This can be particularly useful in the manufacturing industry, where clear and accurate instructions are essential for assembling complex products.

In conclusion, Autodesk Inventor 2018 is a powerful computer aided drafting software program that offers a multitude of features and enhancements to support mechanical design, simulation, and three dimensional modeling. Its parametric modeling capabilities, enhanced three dimensional modeling tools, advanced simulation capabilities, improved collaboration features, and visual documentation tools make it an invaluable tool for designers and engineers. With this software, end users can turn their conceptual ideas into detailed, accurate designs efficiently, ultimately pushing the boundaries of innovation and design possibilities.

Autodesk Inventor 2018 – Installation Instructions Video Transcript


Oh severe poverty OST SR owned a cone Enoch appears calm muy rapido quickly


another video another [ __ ] problem saw a third-party website bla bla bla


bla bla bla supplemental income bla bla bla bla bla Autodesk Inventor 2018 so let's cut to the chase here is the


question I am trying to get out or desk inventor student version running in my computer unsuccessful can you tell me


who could help me doing that 107 Home Premium MS 2009 Service Pack 1 Dell XPS


to 83 Hana want 16 gigabytes of RAM 64-bit I downloaded Autodesk fusion 360


student version about a year but could never actually open it and try it I tried downloading the inventor version 16 recently but it did not download


apparently because of fusion version isn't my PC I tried opening fusion again but couldn't what I am after really is


inventor since I had some previous experience with it and I like to refresh and update my skills with CAD AutoCAD


drafting engineers could you connect to my PC remove the fusion version and download and install inventor version 16


setup ready yes so that's exactly what I did it remotely connected to this customer they paid me I got compensation


and then what I first tried was to uninstall the fusion 360 now when it


comes to somebody else besides myself I don't [ __ ] around telling them well you know you should do this you


should run an optimizer first well you know what why do you have this virus


antivirus loaded no cut to the [ __ ] chase get to the point I followed their


instructions okay you want me to remove fusion 360 fine let's go so you go into control panel programs and features


remove the [ __ ] well it wouldn't remove well then what do you think I did


you want to take a guess this is a tip look to see if there's other processes


running I went into task manager and sure enough God my nose itches too much


I hate it maybe it's the environment all this pollution that these [ __ ]


pale-skinned Europeans created since they murdered ninety-five percent of my ancestors and


then stole this continent moving on check to see if there's other


running processes there was four to five fusion 360 processes already running it


looked as if this individual had tried to uninstall fusion and they kept trying to they just kept trying to get an error


and they kicked it off four or five times well the problem with Microsoft Windows it's a piece of [ __ ] operating


system number one number two a lot of times processes don't end efficiently


sufficiently so that's why you go into task manager and you can look for


processes that are still running so I ended all them and then I went back into


programs and features and I was able to successfully remove fusion 360 so that's


step one major step one step two is then to try to install this software so I


note I did a search I asked them well you know where do you have it or do you want me to try to install inventor of


version 16 because that's what they said that's what they wanted well they didn't


know what was that I don't know how you cannot know where you download chip but whatever so I went to see the root of


the C which is root you know C Drive and I went into file manager Windows Explorer and I typed in the upper right


hand corner search bar inventor and sure enough I found it and I double clicked it and I got an abort error which is


included in my blog post you might want to click the link below in the description box of this video as I Ryan


so that you'll get taken to my website and it compares com where I have abstract written instructions fully


written and I also included a direct link to Autodesk Inventor 2008 download


page abort


there's the error right there I received an immediate abort here that's it nothing else just abort you know in a


little small window very skinny not very tall it just said abort okay fine you're


an abortion doctor you're a murderer I mean you believe in abortion


okay whatever so then I once again I went into task manager and sure enough


there were some processes by [ __ ]


Autodesk that were running and then I also made certain that you know download


utilities can get in the way a virus believe it or not your virus software can get in the way just [ __ ] like that I


tried to disable the firewall that that wasn't it I ended some processes some of


them were Autodesk and there were a couple of other tools running like a some kind of download program why why


are you installing malware spyware like that you don't need download tool well


it's a paradox you don't need these third-party download tools and these download toolbars and the ones that


claim that they'll make your downloads faster that's [ __ ] now if if this


software needs a downloader yes you install that one but these download tools where you can download a bunch of


crap off the internet suffer that consequences when you use those so I'm


pretty certain that the second problem the abort error was fixed by me ending


some more processes on micro crap micro [ __ ] micro slop wind blow seven then I


tried it again I just double clicked the web install executable and it didn't get


the abort error but it just did it didn't work it didn't connect it just like disappear and I'm like what the


[ __ ] so I've learned this many moons ago decades ago that when it comes time to


installing software you could sit there for hours weeks years trying to you know


you know break yourself and break your mental paradigm and you might need to I


[ __ ] the medical industry but whatever you might make yourself mentally ill


trying to get that software to install so you know what I said [ __ ] this let's cut to the chase I asked this individual


you know do you do you really need this or do you want this and well what I did


ended up doing is I went directly to Autodesk's website and found their catalogue of free software


now in order to become able to download and use free software it must be because


you're a student and/or an educator and then you must create an account then you


can use I don't know if it's the exact same version that is commercial and paid


for I'm thinking it might be and then you will get emailed a commercial license but if you get busted no excuse


me an educator license if you get busted using their free software when you're


not a student and you're not an educator they can come after you I don't give a [ __ ] about that I'm just telling you so


I found their entire catalog of all the student and educator software that is


quote unquote free and then I presented it to the client I had them look and each individual


software has a separate web page and he wasn't quite certain because there was one called inventor Autodesk Inventor


2018 there was another one called [ __ ] H here should I look it up ah


who cares it was some other [ __ ] software I'd never heard of and it what


it did say inventor it was just a different then he asked me what the difference was I don't know you know I'd


have to sit there and read I'm not an engineer I don't use AutoCAD software so


well but he did browse through the two different links and he chose Autodesk


Inventor 2008 professional that's all I need to know I don't give a [ __ ] me person I don't give a [ __ ] about the differences of or well blah blah this


does this does I don't care I just follow instructions so he told me to install Autodesk Inventor 2018 BAM


he signed in with his Autodesk account he already had one then you're gonna get


presented you're gonna have to sign in once you sign in with your account there will be three dropdowns that you're


gonna have to select you're going to have to select the version of Autodesk


Inventor that you want then you're going to have to select your operating system that you're using then you select the


lang which that you want the version downloaded there's different languages and he picked all three then there will


be an Install Now button with orange an orange button click on that and there's


like two or three different choices you can either click run or you can save and I I think there was another one whatever


well it didn't work which I'm not surprised I went since he was already


signed in I went ahead and I downloaded again the two pieces of software to that


his downloads folder for him now this is very important there are instructions but even me as a computer technician


with over two decades of experience their instructions were [ __ ]


confusing as [ __ ] and there were different ways of installing the software and there's different versions


there's the the commercial version there's the education student version there's a network version there's a


standalone version there's a blah blah and they they [ __ ] all the instructions and I was like oh my


[ __ ] god what the [ __ ] did I just [ __ ] get myself into man I think you know what I think I'm going to go for a


walk in a park and I'm just gonna say you know forget this customer no that's not what I did but that's about what I


was thinking I they claimed that you might have to use the Autodesk


downloader I think that's probably the easiest best way what you want to do is again this


software has an ax download I'm not a big fan of downloaders even if it's


legitimate software whether it's student or educational use or you pay for it I'm


not a fan of having to [ __ ] install another piece of software on micro [ __ ]


Micro crap micro wind blows operating


systems that to me is overkill you shouldn't need to do that however when I


tried to kick off the web installer it wasn't working man and I was like what the [ __ ] is this [ __ ] so what I did was


I downloaded both the Auto desk downloader which is a separate piece of


software that is a download utility then I downloaded the web installer there are two executables I saved them in his


downloads folder so that he could have them in the future if he ever needs to reinstall and I went ahead and


I double clicked the executable for the Autodesk download manager download or


whatever the [ __ ] that's called it installed successfully I think it first


time I ran it and downloaded some [ __ ] and then it disappeared I was like look I'm busy man I was helping another


customer at the same time so and I was remotely connected into this computer where I was installing Autodesk Inventor


2018 I came back and I was like the screen was blank when I left the


Autodesk download or install was you know the progress indicator for the downloading data and then I was like it


disappeared I was like well what the [ __ ] I ran it again and I think it downloaded something really quickly and


then it disappeared I was like okay fine fine fine fine whatever you're gonna [ __ ] around and not throw up some kind


of message or okay fine fine then what I did and then I went into Start programs


and looked in the menu and sure enough Autodesk downloader was successfully


installed you could also go into control panel programs and features and double check and verify that indeed Autodesk


downloader software is listed then I went ahead and double clicked on the web


installer executable it's a much longer name it's like Autodesk Inventor 2018


you know blah blah blah web install or blah version 7.9 blah blah blah blah


okay I double click that and another window a larger window popped up with a


download progress indicator I was like we've got gold here's the big gold and that's the final step you'll get a huge


window with a download progress indicator at the bottom and then eventually some [ __ ] downloaded and then


I was presented with a large list of software that was going to get installed


they were all selected by default all of them were checked and I was like what


holy [ __ ] there was around twenty eight gigabytes of data that would need to get


downloaded so instead of clicking install I was I asked the client


Notepad I was like do you want all this and I was like this is gonna take up 28


gigabyte she's like yes I have enough space which they did I think they had either half a terabyte or terabyte hard


drive and most of it was free but whatever well no that's not true they had a lot of all kinds of software that here here's a let me give you my tips at


the end that might save you a lot of headaches I clicked install and then the data


started downloading progress indicator download progress indicator there were statistics like 7 megabits per second 5


megabits per second but I sat there for 5-10 minutes you know babysitting and I was like 100


megabytes by the very end before I left it only downloaded like 200 megabytes


this is where I am diametrically opposed to downloading software because again


your again you're you're using software to download software so you're throwing


another wrench into things and so this this downloader is legit because it's


with autodesk but i don't think it's necessary man you should be able to now you could probably download if you knew


the links you could probably figure out where the exact executable is located so


that you could just right-click it and save as whereas now you're using this


autodesk download software which is a separate piece of software and then from within there it connects to autodesk


servers and then it downloads the software well again man that to me is redundant


and it just slows [ __ ] down and you can have problems what if that software is buggy what if it freezes what if that


has problems I'm not a fan of using any kind of [ __ ] download application


ever you know I'm saying I just don't use that crap I want the direct link to the executable


and then I will right-click save as choose a folder BAM and then through HD


or I don't even like to use web browsers to download you're using HTTP protocol


to download data I prefer command line you can use Python to directly down or


you can use on Linux you can use W get you know but I digress


eventually I saw I took off because it I don't think the statistics were correct


to me it should have been much quicker than that it should be in lightning fast if it was downloading at 7 or 5 megabits


per second I mean it should have been moving along but your but there was about 12 gigabytes of data that still


need to get download so it it could be a false positive maybe those were incorrect results


maybe the progress indicator is is like Microsoft progress and a care where it's not true it's not accurate whatever you


know whatever well excuse me so I left my customer last night today they


messaged me and they claimed that well the product the download progress


indicator was still running but it was real slow and then they claimed that not all the software was installed but they


did claim that some of their software is installed I think it was I don't want


yeah ok I'm looking at their message right now ok the download progress numbers have


not changed since 4 a.m. and there was a slide bar indicator showing connecting the download progress numbers were


moving up rather quickly before it came to a halt so should I take that download


as frozen perhaps perhaps the inventor


installation window has remained open and appears to be trying to connect connecting in slide bar progression


indicator it stopped downloading about 4 a.m. was 7.07 gigabytes of 11.8 7


gigabytes downloaded overall overall progress slide bar indicates 20 of 43mm


remaining I'm not sure what the 20 out of the 43 it could be 43 separate software packages that are involved with


this [ __ ] AutoCAD software that's what I'm thinking there could be small pieces you know what I'm saying I know


visual C++ i saw that download that would have been installed it it might


have to use dotnet framework it might Java who knows it is about 2 p.m. now


there was an icon installed on the screen Autodesk Inventor which I clicked on and it opened inventor so this is


another caveat that I don't like about developers is they don't really tell you it just has a progress indicator it


doesn't they don't warn you ok well we're gonna download pieces of data one


at a time we're gonna download data one you know one at a time linearly sequentially and then we're not gonna


what I'm trying to tell you is that some software packages especially when you


down you use their web installers let's let's quickly tell you what define what


a web installer is a web installer is a smaller executable that runs on your


local computer and then it goes out to a server on the internet on a website and


pulls down and downloads data and then it'll start installing that rather than


downloading the entire executable me as a computer technician I don't like to


[ __ ] with web installers unless I have to they're convenient but I prefer just to download the entire executable I


don't care if it's a gigabyte and then I run it because I as a technician I've


noticed with pattern recognition that you'll have less problems if you have the entire installer locally you know


what I mean but there are times when a web installer is convenient you know I'm what I'm saying


this suite if you want to call it this Autodesk AutoCAD suite it looks as if it


will download potentially 43 separate pieces of software and it will just as


soon as the download for that particular piece finishes downloading then it'll kick off an installer it doesn't tell


you anything it doesn't pop up saying oh we are now installing Visual C++ now if


there now in order to install Visual C++ it's gonna open up a window from Microsoft but it's not like the Autodesk


download or software tells you that or it doesn't have a separate indicator it doesn't have a download indicator and


then it doesn't have a install indicator all we just installed 10 of 20 or in


this case 20 out of 43 but in the background there's no doubt that it that's what it does so you need to


become aware of that because number one you're downloading data mat you're


downloading massive amounts of data while at the same time all these pieces


of software are getting installed also although it you may not realize that


I clicked a few demos and closed it and seem to be working so that's a good sign a license was issued so he got emailed a


license and mail this morning about 10:00 a.m. the installation progress monitor shows it is working connecting


but does not change from this point what should I do should I do anything or just wait till tomorrow and then I will just I don't


need to read what my own solution is I was like that that was quite a verbatim


from this customer my response to that was if you can decipher whether or not


the Autodesk download manager or download software is still downloading data if you can tell that the progress


indicator is moving even if it's small short even if it's you know slow you


know a hundred megabytes every 10 minutes or half an hour I would I


wouldn't [ __ ] with it because you're dealing with 28 gigabytes of data so if


you can tell that the progress indicator is still moving data is still downloading programs are still


installing don't touch a thing don't [ __ ] with it don't [ __ ] with your internet router don't [ __ ] with your Wi-Fi router if


you're connected over Wi-Fi don't touch anything leave the computer alone close all other applications leave this


running if it takes a week it takes a week you know why I say that because my years of experience if you have to abort


and install now in my opinion over the last 10 to 20 years software is a lot


more flexible back in the day if you dare aborted or if you dare end it at


install Midway look the [ __ ] I mean back the [ __ ] up because you're about to get


smacked the [ __ ] up by Microsoft number one and the developer number two and you


may have just [ __ ] caused a major crisis meaning the next time you try to


reboot that wind blows machine it ain't gonna reboot it's not going to boot normally and you're [ __ ]


and then there's where you start oh my God my TPS reports are doing goddamnit


are and what a matter what what are you doing fooling around installing out okay


I'm an engineer goddammit you're an idiot Aaron you wouldn't understand AutoCAD you're not an engineer god oh my


god Aaron if you dare design any kind of buildings in America heaven god help us


god damn it Aaron your TPS reports are doing tomorrow quit [ __ ] around see


whereas the last you know 10 5 10 years software is much more flexible you can


get away with a frozen indicator you can go into task manager and and that task


and you know you but I'm telling you I'm warning you man I'm warning you with this [ __ ] [ __ ] with Microsoft man I'm


just warning you if you must if you think that the Installer has frozen the


download manager at this point the download manager here's a quick a couple quick tips you might want to disconnect


your internet unplug your Ethernet cable if you're at Wi-Fi disconnect Wi-Fi


reconnect or go into a networked neighborhood disconnect your Ethernet


connector your LAN local area network connection we enable it it could be some


kind of [ __ ] up timeout I'm not I mean their internet access isn't down because


obviously they were able to message me but but again you're dealing with Microsoft you're dealing with computers


man you're dealing with massive amounts of [ __ ] data that has to get download and it could be crappy software it could


be the [ __ ] goddamn Autodesk download manager I don't know that sucks or it it


might be bloated you're throwing in another wrench that you don't look you're just trying to remove four bolts


off of your wheel you have a flat tire you've got a spare tire you've got a


jack you're jacking up your vehicle you got the wrench that allows you to take off


the bolts from your wheels it's only four but but you're trying to you you're


trying to use another tool well you know you've got the wrench that came with the goddamn [ __ ] dummy that came with the


spare tire why are you trying to use some pliers or why are you trying to use


a wrench from another vehicle stop it keep it simple stupid that's why I'm


opposed to these [ __ ] goddamn Download Manager pieces of software even if they're legit I'm not blaming anybody


at Autodesk I'm just saying my logic tells me just that don't do it that way just don't do it but I can kind of see


where it makes it easier and convenient for people so if if if that doesn't fix


your problem here's where my tips are I think I know this is a long blogpost


let's see yeah I went through most instructions click on the install and


then like I said before you want to install the Autodesk download manager


first kick it off once to make sure it works it might download some crap and disappear then go ahead and run the web


installer and then that will open up the Autodesk download manager by itself


which will be a large window and then that's where you get to choose all the software that you get to pick and then


you just click install and you you know do this [ __ ] you sit back and keep your fingers crossed as [ __ ] 28 gigabytes


of data as it come down the pipe and has it download and then you got [ __ ] what 43 possible separate pieces of


software and you're using a goddamn Micro crap microchip wind blows operating system it just [ __ ] keep


your fingers crossed don't I would you know don't touch that computer for a week just [ __ ] go on


vacation all right so here's my tips my tip is that whenever you install


software on micro [ __ ] micro crap micro


slop wind blows operating systems start from scratch start fresh reboot your


computer you should probably reboot a wind blows machine at least once a week


because wind blows has a terrible that wind blow socks it's so poorly designed


there are so many problems with Windows operating systems including Windows 10 it doesn't clear your cache correctly a


lot of programs will will leak it's called a memory hole if you have a lot


of programs running like especially web browsers like Mozilla Firefox it'll start chewing up your memory


if you go into task manager and if you notice these applications just grow they


get bigger especially web browsers that is technically a memory leak Windows


operating system is notorious for memory leaks and then also Windows doesn't


flush the DNS cache properly it could be a DNS cache issue I I didn't even really think about that because I was like Lola


this isn't rocket science you just download the software it just but I should have probably threw that in now


that's what the reboot is for - but I wasn't really you know thinking this as a DNS cache problem Windows doesn't


flush this DNS cache properly you go into IP config for slash flush DNS see


window Windows doesn't do anything properly the way it's supposed to do the way an operating system is supposed to


function so at now you do what you want you can leave your now I have a Windows


Vista machine but it's just a file server that I don't have anything I only have like one or two pieces of software loaded I have a proxy piece of software


called acrylic DNS cache and then I have a net manage what is it whatever net mat


net man net man a lot I want to digress I have two pieces of software they're very hard to find that make connecting


to websites more efficient and connecting to a Wi-Fi router more efficient moving on other than that I


don't have any other software loaded but it's just a server and I've gone a month


without rebooting it and it works just fine but that's different you're dealing with a computer that you


use every day for internet you know Ashley Madison chatting you got all the


software loaded and that's that's an entirely different story when you go to a major software installation this is


what I these are my tips reboot the [ __ ] reboot it number one reboot


close all your applications close everything reboot it then once you're


logged in after a fresh restart then start the installation don't open


anything else that you don't need don't open your iTunes don't open all your messenger applications


don't open your media player don't I'm


warning you I'm warning you don't do it I know you want to do it I know you want to kick back and kick it with the


homeboys and slug 40 and you know or you know or whatever it is that you do while


AutoCAD is downloading installing but I'm warning you man don't I would I


wouldn't do it man if I were you I wouldn't do it just open what you need you need you're gonna need a web browser so that you can log into the auto desk


when you go to that link you're going to need to sign in with your outer desk account and then click on install now


don't have a shitload of tabs open just open up your web browser open up one tab


go to Autodesk sign-in click on Install Now and that's it don't I'm telling I'm


warning you get another computer use your iPhone for a week or just I don't think it's


productive that you [ __ ] around and have all this [ __ ] open while you're trying to perform a major major software


install 28 gigs and then this individual


probably had to reboot because something's amuck something's [ __ ] up the my experiences is that when it comes


to performing us a major software install just keep it simple stupid do it


perform a restart first only open up what you need just the basics you could


even here's another tip if you're having problems like this what you could end in its habitual is you might want to boot


into Windows safe mode with networking that will be the a slim line version of


Windows there'll be a lot less drivers you won't have the bells and whistles you won't have the tiles and all that


horseshit which I hate that [ __ ] tiles on Windows 10 I disable all that garbage anyways I digress


it's a stripped-down version of Windows very few drivers get loaded just basic generic drivers just enough for you to


function and get out on the Internet then start the Autodesk Inventor 2018


install and see if now you have a lot less problems but you know those are the


breaks man as I look out at you know a major cross street with a bunch of


goddamn Americans just you know banging into each other and


flipping each other off and yelling each other and cutting each other off and speeding like goddamn [ __ ] Danica


pack Danica Patrick never won one race and she already retired she never won a


race I'm not a massage excuse me yeah I'm not a massage just I'm just saying


yeah although you know although she did I don't want to talk about her I'm just


I just noticed I don't give a [ __ ] about that crap I don't give a [ __ ] about sports I just noticed that she retired and the news made a big deals like yeah


she's a female but you know I didn't think it was unusual know when Danica Patrick first started race car driving I


was a big fan of hers but that was like almost 10 years ago and now I don't give a [ __ ] about sports and [ __ ] IndyCar


racing is a NASCAR I mean I was a you just watch a car go around circles near


near near your mirror and they're


overpaid I mean give me a break all of those athletes are [ __ ] clowns


again anybody can drive a vehicle again we're brainwashed and sold on this


concept that oh these these athletes and these politicians and these celebrities


and these actors and actresses ooh they're better than us ooh I will go


down a turn you're a terrible actor Hollywood should reject you Erin you're


not aesthetically pleasing you have a voice for television and a face for


radio and goddammit good luck good luck with your


good luck with your Autodesk 2018 event or install 28 gigabytes of blow I mean