Best Tech Podcasts – Reality PC Archives Now Available

The Reality PC podcast archives are now available. Initially, the Reality PC podcast was created in 2012. However, after recording 10 to 20 episodes, I became distracted with trying to create a full time computer repair business.

In early two thousand seventeen, I brought back the Reality PC podcast and recorded a total of 62 episodes. Once again I became distracted trying to formulate a full time income with computer repair. All episodes of the Reality PC podcast will become available for FREE.

You will be able to listen to them with a built in html5 player. Also, you will be able to download them to your computer, for later listening. I plan on recording a weekly Reality PC podcast beginning in April.

These podcasts are supported with on page advertisements. I do NOT plan on including on air advertisements. I do NOT boast that the Reality PC is the best tech podcasts. It was a decent keyword I found when performing search engine optimization for this blog post.

The Reality PC podcast will discuss technology related topics. I may or may NOT answer listener questions. As we speak I have incorporated a live radio show feature into this website.

I may replay each Reality PC episode via my radio station feature. Also, I may perform the Reality PC podcast live. As far as performing a livestream of the Reality PC, I am debating whether or not to livestream on Youtube or on this website.

The Reality PC podcast covers computer and technology related subjects with real free speech. No political correctness, music, or on air commercials. Just straight talk radio, the way nature intended.

For now you will have access to every Reality PC podcast ever recorded, entirely FREE of charge. Tired of looking at advertisements? Purchase a members only subscription for just $5 per month, and gain access to the podcast archives advertisement free.