Best Way to Install Windows 7 – Need Help Installing Windows 7?

You have tried many times to install Microsoft Windows seven on a recently purchased refurbushed Lenovo desktop. An installation process will only go so far then it says that an installation was interrupted and that your computer will restart and continue that process. It keeps doing this over and over.

What can you do? You tried using a format option. Also, you tried to reinstall Windows seven.

It continues to loop in a restart setup cycle. One thing you can check is your Basic Input Output System. Make sure that Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks is turned off.

Also, you can try setting your Basic Input Output System to IDE. If that does not resolve your issue, try an Advanced Host Controller Interface setting. Depending on whether your computer is a desktop or laptop, try removing as many peripherals ie. USB memory stick, external keyboard etc.

Does it actually start formatting your hard drive? If it removes Windows files from a partial installation, then when it reboots during installation, make sure it does not boot off your DVD drive again. Ignore any message asking you to hit any key to setup Windows.

See if it will boot successfully during first reboot. Instead of trying to reinstall, next time choose a repair option that is available by booting off of a Windows seven DVD, if first reboot isn’t successful. You can try booting off your installation DVD and see if there is a repair option.