Brother HL-L2395DW Printer – MAC OS Compatibility

I received a bit of a different information technology request. Normally, I deal with fixing computer problems. This request was more or less research related.

Here is the original initial request quoted verbatim:

I just purchased a Brother HL L2395DW printer, but notice on the box that it is compatible with Apple Macintosh operating system version 10.10.5. My Apple Macintosh operating system is 10.9.5 Safari. I am afraid to open the box until I know if it will be compatible…will appreciate your advice.

I have not unpacked it yet, just bought it and do not want to try to install unless I know it will be compatible.

Actually, Apple Macintosh operating system X 10.9.5 is Mavericks. I digress back to this blog post. Here is my initial response to their request:

On the Brother HL L2395DW support page they list four Apple Macintosh operating system X downloads:

* 10.10
* 10.11
* 10.12
* 10.13

There are no guarantees the printer will work with older Apple Macintosh operating systems. Let me try to find some printers that are compatible out of the box for Apple Macintosh operating system version 10.9. Are you wanting a Brother brand printer?

I found this list of Canon compatible printers with Apple Macintosh operating system X version 10.9. I will look for a list for Brother if available. You are welcome.

I found this list of possible Brother printers that are compatible with Apple operating system version 10.9. You can scroll to the bottom to see the list of printers. I found another list.

This one you can use to find any type of Brother printer compatible with Apple operating system version 10.9. You can click on “Click here to display all models covered by this answer”. What is your current printer?

One problem might be that brand new printers might not support Apple operating system version 10.9. You might be able to find older printers that are new still in their not opened box. I am not sure if that would suffice.

I found your Epson WF-3640 on Amazon. There are some new ones available. Yes, that is correct some Apple Macintosh upgrades are not perfect.

If you do upgrade you will need your Apple identification and Macintosh administrator password. Also, I would definitely backup your data before you upgrade. You might want to do some routine maintenance before you upgrade.

You can clean up your Apple Macintosh and make sure you do not have any problems with it now. Also, you can make sure to install any available updates before upgrading. This blog post was written for an Apple Macintosh computer with Macintosh operating system version X 10.9.5 Mavericks installed.

This is an example perhaps of what you may encounter when your technology devices fail. This individual was willing to return this brand new Brother HL-L2395DW printer for one that would be compatible with an aging operating system. Quite often you can find older technology including printers brand new in their box.

A quick Internet search for Epson WF-3640 resulted in an Amazon listing. There were multiple printers being sold as new. This is a learning lesson in knowing what technology you have acquired and attention to detail.

Had this customer opened the box, who knows what other pitfalls would have followed? A fifteen percent restocking fee perhaps at the very least? You can try to always research your technology purchases in advance if possible.

You may not want to over look replacing failing peripherals with the same model. If you are happy with it like this customer, then there is no reason why you cannot continue using it. Hardware compatibility with a specific operating system is quite an often over looked piece of information.

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