Canon Pixma TS9520 – Printer IJ Scan Utility Download

Another computer question from a third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions. This one deals with a printer scan utility. The original question quoted verbatim is below.

I have a TS 9520 printer. I had to wipe my hard drive and reinstall from a backup system that I have. The printer works and I can scan using the printer app, but I do not have the IJ Scan Utility Lite available now to do other types of scanning.

How do I get it reinstalled?

This individual could scan using the automatic document feeder successfully. However, they could not scan with the flatbed scanner. They were using a Macintosh computer with Macintosh operating system 10.14.2 Mojave installed.

You can download the Canon Pixma TS9520 IJ Scan utility and install it on your Macintosh computer with Macintosh 10.14 Mojave installed. If you are missing additional software, you can access that software for your Canon Pixma TS9520. Click on “Drivers & Downloads” and look for any missing software.

Canon has developed a propriety software tool to scan from your Macintosh computer called IJ Scan utility. Some computer printer manufacturers like Canon develop their own tools to work with their own hardware. Your Canon Pixma TS9520 printer will not have all functionality with just the printer driver installed.

In this case, the absence of the IJ Scan utility did NOT allow this individual to scan from the scanner flatbed. This is where I normally tell my end users that I support to just go ahead and download the full suite of software and driver at once. Depending on the printer manufacturer and model, this is NOT always possible.

In this case I found the full driver and software download for this Canon Pixma TS9520 all in one printer. However, Canon did NOT label it “full driver and software”. They labeled it “S9500 series Software Package (Mac)”.

The description of this full driver and software download is:

This file will download and install all the software you need to utilise the full functionality of your product.

This is good to know, as sometimes Canon does NOT always have a full driver and software download available for their printers. I just wish they would label it as such to make it easier and quicker to find. However, this can save you time, by just going ahead and installing all available tools plus the printer driver in one download and installation.

Otherwise you would have to download each individual piece of software. At the very least you would download the printer driver. However, many of the end users I support require the scanner driver as well.

My experiences as a technician is to provide the link whenever available to the full driver and software. These instructions and tips were written for a Macintosh computer with Macintosh operating system 10.14 Mojave installed for a Canon Pixma TS9520 printer. However, you can use these as a basis point for Microsoft Windows, operating system, Linux operating systems, and other Macintosh operating system versions, as well as other printer manufacture brands and models.

Obviously, you would have to find the full printer driver and software for your specific computer and printer brand with model number.