Communication Error Check if the Computer is Connected – Epson Fix

Another printer problem to solve from a third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions. This one deals with a communication error on a printer. Here is the original initial request quoted verbatim.

Hi. I have an Epson printer WF-3640. I have issues scanning documents to my Apple MacBook, because repeatedly there is a message that appears on my Epson screen saying “Communication error. Check if the computer is connected”. Do you know how this can be fixed?Initially I thought it was the USB cable, but I changed that too and it didn’t fix the “connectivity” issue. Please advise.

This individual owned a Macintosh with Sierra 10.12 operating system installed. Remove all instances of your printer software from “Applications”. Remove all instances of your printer from “Printers & Scanners”.

Download and install the Epson WF-3640 printer software. When it comes to troubleshooting printers, one of the first questions I ask or try to answer is where is the printer error appearing on. Is the error displayed on the printer itself, your computer or both.

In this instance the “Communication error. Check if the computer is connected” error message appeared on the liquid crystal display of the printer. This individual tried some troubleshooting of their own, by disconnecting and reconnecting the Universal Serial Bus cable.

My additional tip is to disconnect the Universal Serial Bus cable from both the printer and the computer. Some times just disconnecting the printer cable in this manner will fix printing problems. Also, as an added bonus tip, you can follow these instructions.

Power off your Epson printer. Disconnect the power cable from the wall outlet. Disconnect the Universal Serial Bus printer cable from both your printer and computer.

Press and hold the power button on your printer for 30-60 seconds. Leave your Epson printer disconnected from any power source for 5-10 minutes. Reconnect the Universal Serial Bus cable and power cable to your printer.

Power on your printer and see if it will now print. Printers can be real finicky and a pain in the ass at times. However, these three tips I gave you often times fixes printer problems.

Also, paying attention to where the actual error, if any is given, appears can be a hint in your printer troubleshooting. One additional bonus tip is on Macintosh operating system, you can just drag the printer folder in this case, Epson, to the trash can to remove the software from “Applications”. Some times printer software installs do not include a removal tool or when you run them the do not properly remove the printer software.

Also, you may want to empty the trash can after dragging the Epson folder. I have noticed on at least one occasion where emptying the trash can fixed a problem, where each time I went to reinstall the printer software, the same old problem occurred. What fixed this endless loop, was emptying the Macintosh operating system trash can.

Computers can be real finicky and weird at times. Hopefully, you were able to fix your Epson communication error problem. These instructions were written for a Macintosh computer with Macintosh operating system Sierra 10.12 installed for an Epson WF-3640 printer.

However, you can use these instructions and tips as a basis point for troubleshooting the same or similar error on different brand and model printers, even on Linux and Microsoft operating systems.