Computer Equipment Recycling – Worth The Time and Effort?

Is computer equipment recycling worth your time and effort? Originally, I was not going to write this blog post, but then I had second thoughts. As a part time computer repair technician with my own business, I started recycling computer equipment a few years ago.

I am just a small recycler at this point. However, I normally receive computer equipment that is in relatively good condition. I try to resell any computer equipment that I receive, that is obviously functional and not missing any parts.

I generally receive items such as desktop computers, laptop computers, liquid crystal display monitors, printers, and cables. I do NOT accept old cathode ray tube computer monitors and televisions. Also, on occasion I receive liquid crystal display televisions.

Most printers I receive do NOT work at all or have some type of problemw with them. Normally, I do NOT even try reselling printers, as they are not very valuable. All you have to do is browse the free section of Craigslist and your bound to find free printers.

As of the date of this blog post creation, I sell all personal computers that are Pentium 4 or newer. Also, I resell older Macintosh computers ie. G5’s. Generally, Macintosh hardware retains more of its value as they age, compared to personal computers.

If a Microsoft Windows certificate of authenticity sticker is attached to a computer then I load whatever operating system that license is good for. If personal computers are missing certificate of authenticity stickers, usually I install Linux operating systems on them. Macintosh computers, I install whatever the newest Apple Macintosh OS X is compatible with that particular hardware.

Overall, I would say that computer equipment recycling is worth my time and effort. I have recycled computer equipment from non-profits and small businesses. Actually, I have made a decent profit off of reselling pre-owned computer equipment.

I never charge a fee for drop off or pickup of computer equipment. I generally require at least 10 items or more for pickup. Since I do NOT own a truck then I end up renting a Uhaul truck.

However, I am still able to receive a nice profit for my time and labor, as well as the expense of renting a truck. You might be surprised how large of a demand there actually is for pre-owned computer equipment.