Computer Tune up – Is Your Computer in Need of a Tune up?

Is your computer running slow? A tune up is just what your computer might need. Get your computer running smoothly again with these service options.

Optimize startup and shutdown, install Windows updates. Removal of unnecessary programs and trialware. Test then verify PC hardware and software functionality.

Diagnose performance problems and recommend some best options. Remove dust from inside of your computer including fans and components. Installation of recommended free anti-virus.

Computer Tune Up

There are many reasons why your computer might be running slow or sluggish. Don’t have time to try and diagnoze these reasons yourself? Get a computer tune up which includes each service below.

Each tune up comes with these services:

* Dust removal
* Full hardware diagnostic
* Removal of unneccessary files and registry items
* Full operating system scans
* Malware, spyware, virus, etc. scans
* Operating system optimization

If your computer is running like a snail, you might want to have it tuned up. Don’t have time for a tortoise versus hare race? Get it running like new again!