Convert Youtube Audio to MP3 – Website Shut Down

A popular website that allowed you to convert Youtube audio to MP3 has been shut down. was receiving over sixty million unique visitors per month. You could convert audio from a YouTube video into downloadable MP3 files, until now.

This website is getting sued by multiple large record label companies. This website no longer works and those that maintain this website decided to voluntarily shut it down. This company PMD Technologie is being sued by:

* UMB Recordings
* Capitol Records
* Warner Brothers Records
* Warner Music Latina
* Sony Music Entertainment
* Sony Music Entertainment US Latin
* Arista Records
* Atlantic Recording Corporation
* Elektra Entertainment Group
* Fueled by Ramen
* Kemosabe Records
* Laface Records
* Nonesuch Records
* WEA International
* Zomba Recording

This website was allegedly the world’s largest stream ripping site on the Internet. This website is facing four copyright infringement complaints and one technology measures circumvention complaint. A jury trial has been requested for this lawsuit.

Stream ripping is a way to obtain audio by capturing music as it plays rather than download an audio MP3. Some websites will disable your ability to download an audio file but you are still able to listen. This suit alleges that was profiting off this copyrighted music via Google Adsense and Double Clik ads.

Also, stipulated in the abstract is that supposedly this music stripping website accounted for upwards of forty percent of stream ripping on the Internet. This website was pretty simple and straight forward. Users were not charged and could access music for free.

However, there were ad placements on this site. All you had to do was copy and paste a Uniform Resource Locator from Youtube into a “Convert Video” field. Once the audio was ripped you would see a “Download” button

This allowed music aficionados to quickly download and listen to copyright music for free.

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  1. @Michael Mely

    If you are speaking of not being able to download mp3 from it is because this website was voluntarily shut down by its owner. They are being sued by major record labels. I do NOT provide advice on how to circumvent copyright or technology.

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