Daily Motion – Fix For Your Account is Being Processed Error

I recently created a DailyMotion.com account and wanted to monetize my channel. DailyMotion.com is second largest video sharing website behind YouTube.com. When accessing “Banking Info” in my “Settings” for my Anet Computers Daily Motion channel, I kept receiving following error message:

“Your account is being processed. Please, try again later or contact us at partner-support@dailymotion.com.”

At first I thought perhaps this was because I had just created this channel. Also, I had not uploaded any videos yet. However, DailyMotion.com does not have a grace period when monetizing a video channel.

A quick YouTube search lead me to my solution at this DailyMotion TheBotNet.com thread post. One poster recommended trying to access your DailyMotion channel via a different web browser. I tried using Mozilla FireFox and sure enough I was able to access “Banking Info”.

Once logged into your DailyMotion account, you will see a “Add your banking information. To get paid, you need to add your banking information”. headline. Click on a “Add banking info” hyper link.

This will take you to a “Banking Info” section of your settings where you can enter payment options, so that you get paid for your monetized videos. Also, you can access this same section via left hand menu “Banking Info” link. Finally, you can get paid via bank transfer, PayPal, or prepaid debit Master Card.

Add banking info