Dell Vostro 1000 – Keyboard and Touch Pad Re-connection How to

Recently I acquired a recycled Dell Vostro 1000 laptop computer. Apart from having to order a replacement AC power adapter, this laptop was in pretty good condition. However, I noticed when I installed Windows Vista Business, that a touch pad would flake out when this laptop went to sleep.

It could either be the operating system and perhaps this hard drive needs to get scrubbed and Vista reinstalled. I thought I would try a quicker potential solution by just re-connecting this touch pad from a motherboard. I found out this touch pad connection to motherboard is under a keyboard.

In order to remove a keyboard you must remove a plastic covering at top of laptop that includes a power button. Remove this skinny plastic piece and then you will notice two screws holding down this keyboard. Also, I noticed that this keyboard was not screwed down from under neath this laptop like some keyboards are.

Remove two screws right above this keyboard. Pull up and towards the display screen. Try being careful as you do not want to break any keys off.

Laptop keyboard keys can be a pain in ass to re-connect. These keys can even become impossible to re-connect, which leads you to buying keyboard keys kits, which don’t always work or ordering a replacement keyboard. Once you have dislodged this keyboard be careful to not pull out this keyboard entirely, as it is connected to a motherboard via a cable.

You don’t necessarily have to entirely remove this keyboard by disconnecting it from motherboard to get to touch pad connection. Right above this touch pad and below where keyboard was positioned, you will notice a small cable with a blue marking connected to motherboard. You want to remove this cable and then re-connect.

Once reconnected place keyboard back where you found it. Place two screws you removed right above this keyboard. Place long skinny plastic piece that includes power button above keyboard. Hopefully, this will solve a flaky touch pad problem.