Demonetized Youtube Videos – Pertaining to MACos Ransomware

On May fourteen two thousand seventeen, I noticed that I had a video demonetized on my Anet Computers Youtube channel. This is the first video on this Youtube channel that has ever been NOT monetized. This video was originally created on February twenty third two thousand seventeen.

This video had only received twenty views. Why on Earth did it take around three months for this video to get demonetized? The video was marked as not advertiser friendly.

I was given the option of requesting a review. I changed the thumbnail of this video. Also, I changed the title of this video from “macOS malware – may permanently encrypt files” to “macOS – OSX Dok Malware”.

This video did NOT have a check mark next to “Monetize my video with advertising”. By default all my videos are monetized. I have this permanently configured in Youtube so that I do NOT have to turn on monetization for each and every video.

I have no idea how and why this video was demonetized. I placed a check next to a “Review my video again. I believe it is advertiser friendly. When I clicked on “Save changes”, I received this error, “Oops! Our server has a temporary problem and couldn’t do what you asked to do. Try again in a few minutes”.

Youtube is a fucking joke, like all these problems with demonetized Youtube videos is just an accident. I tried pressing on “Save changes” a second time and the request went through. This video was eventually monetized and received ninety three views.

Youtube never discloses why your videos get demonetized. They never disclose why the get remonetized either for that matter. I was surprised an email at all about this video being demonetized.

I have had countless videos demonetized since this first video and Youtube never emails me when they get demonetized or remonetized.