Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk and Press Enter Fix

Another computer problem in the world order. This time I was afflicted with a nasty computer problem. If any computer technicians out on the Internet tell you that they have never had problems with Windows 10 updates, they are most likely lying to you.

Microsoft Windows 10 updates have been nothing short of a disaster. I attempted to install three Windows 10 updates and ended up with a computer that would not even attempt to boot Microsoft Windows 10. I received the following boot time error:

Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk and Press Enter

On the surface this could be a potential disaster. However, I think this is more of a Microsoft Windows error then anything else. I took off the computer case cover and disconnected the SATA cable from both the hard drive and motherboard.

The first time I tried to boot after this, Microsoft Windows 10 did indeed attempt to boot. However, first let me document what Microsoft Windows 10 updates I was attempting to install.

* KB4103729 adobe flash
* KB4103721 cumulative update
* KB890830 windows malicious software removal tool

These three types of Microsoft Windows 10 updates are quite prevalent on a monthly basis. I installed all three Microsoft Windows 10 updates manually. However, I received the following message when attempting to restart this computer via the “Settings” then “Update and Security” section:

“Someone else is still using this PC. If you restart now, they could lose unsaved work. Restart anyway.”

The only fucking user account logged into this computer was the one I was logged into. I clicked on “Restart anyway” and this computer would not restart. Next, I tried right clicking on the Microsoft Windows 10 start menu icon, then selected “Shut down or sign out”.

I selected “Restart” from this menu option and received the same error message. Finally, I pressed Ctrl Alt Delete and clicked on the power icon in the lower right hand corner and selected “Restart”. This caused this Microsoft Windows 10 professional computer to finally restart.

However, when it booted back into Microsoft Windows 10, my problems did not disappear. I noticed that the “Personalized Settings” pop up window was not responding and literally told me that it was not responding. Also, I noticed that Microsoft Windows 10 audio service did not start up.

Overall, I noticed a very sluggish computing environment. Not too surprising for a Microsoft Windows computer. The biggest problem, at least to me, was that the hard drive was under constant 100% utilization.

I tried ending as many processes as possible. I think Microsoft Edge web browser may have been the culprit. I noticed 5 instances of Microsoft Edge running.

I did NOT try opening Microsoft Edge once. What the fuck is Microsoft Edge doing running when I never opened it? I decided to perform a Microsoft Windows 10 system restore.

I do NOT think it is productive to continue to use a computer with 100 percent utilization of Central Processing Unit, Random Access Memory, and or hard drive. A Microsoft Windows 10 system restore cured this nightmare of a Windows 10 update. Now I need to research why the fuck one of these updates wreaked this havoc.

I think kicking off a chkdsk scan and sfc scan is apropos. Perhaps, ditching Microsoft Windows 10 all together and installing Linux would be more logical?

UPDATE: A few minutes after writing this blog, a System File Check scan completed with the following message:

C:\WINDOWS\system32>sfc /scannow

Beginning system scan. This process will take some time.

Beginning verification phase of system scan.
Verification 100% complete.

Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them.
For online repairs, details are included in the CBS log file located at
windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. For example C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. For offline
repairs, details are included in the log file provided by the /OFFLOGFILE flag.

I normally run sfc /scannow commands three times for good measure. Perhaps some corrupted Microsoft Windows 10 professional files were the culprit? Microsoft Corporation to me is corrupt.

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