Facebook Social Media – Website Down For Users Worldwide

Popular Facebook social media website is currently experiencing a majour outage. I noticed I wasn’t able to access Facebook earlier this morning. I was about to create a Facebook ads campaign.

Initially, I noticed some slowness. Eventually, I just kept receiving a blank page. I gave up and tried back an hour later.

I was able to create a Facebook ads campaign after all. However, other users across the globe are still experiencing problems with this Facebook social media website. According to DownDetector.com this outage is still occurring.

However, my Facebooks ad was just approved, as I just received an email from Facebook. However, many users are still experiencing major problems. One user reported that she could not post or see new posts on her Facebook wall.

It seems intermittent for some users. Some users complained of a one hour outage similar to what I experienced. According to Facebook social media official status page, they list degraded performance for two hours.

They also list degraded Application Program Interface for past three hours. There average response time in milliseconds has tripled since a few hours ago. Average response times were around one hundred fifteen milliseconds compared to over three hundred now.

There average API error rate increased from around 1.3 to 2.8. I’m not sure if these API errors are what is causing their problems. Gary Fitzpatrick from the Facebook team has acknowledged this problem and claims that Facebook is working on this problem.

“We are currently experiencing an increased level of API errors. We are investigating the cause and we’ll post updates when we have more information.”< /blockquote>

I guess I was fortunate enough to get my ad campaign submitted successfully.