Fix Google Chrome – Blank Screen Video Playback Problem

I recently had a customer with a problem with Google Chrome web browser. Whenever, they tried playing videos with this web browser, they would receive a blank screen. I remotely connected to their computer and narrowed down this problem to just Google Chrome web browser.

This was their original request:

I click Watch Video and nothing happens.

This individual was using a MACBook professional. This MACBook professional had MAC operating system Sierra 10.12.6 installed. Interestingly enough, this customer claimed they were never able to successfully play videos on their MACBook professional.

They claimed they could only play videos on their Apple iPhone. However, when I remotely connected Google Chrome was able to play videos on some video sharing websites. For example and

However, any livestreams would just display a blank screen. You can fix Google Chrome blank video problem by clearing the Internet cache. Right click the chrome drop down menu with 3 vertical dots, on the upper right hand side.

Choose “Settings” then select “Advanced”. Now you want to click on “Clear browsing data”. You want to select “Clear the following items from” and choose “the beginning of time”.

You can place a check each inside box for that specific category. You can clear the cache for browsing history, download history, cached images and files, etc. However, a one word of caution.

There is an option to clear your “Passwords”. I would NOT recommend this as you will have to enter in all your passwords again. As a computer repair technician I never clear my customers’ passwords.

I always leave this category NOT checked. Click on the blue “CLEAR BROWSING DATA” button. Depending on how much cache your Google Chrome web browser has accumulated, it could take a minute or so for all this cache to get cleared.

You could fix Google Chrome blank video problem using a computer optimization tool instead.