Google Chrome – Fix For Some YouTube Videos Not Playing Audio

I ran across a weird problem recently with some YouTube videos. For whatever reason only some YouTube videos lacked audio. Luckily, I found a reddit post that had a possible solution for the lack of audio when playing some YouTube videos.

I was having this problem on Microsoft Windows operating system seven professional. I had an older Sound Blaster twenty four bit sound card installed on a desktop computer. I went into the Microsoft Windows seven professional audio control panel and changed the speaker configuration from 7.1 to 2.

For whatever reason the default speaker configuration was set to 7.1, even though I only have two speakers and one woofer. You can potentially fix this problem too. You will want to go to the Microsoft Windows seven operating system audio control panel.

On Microsoft Windows seven operating system, you then click your start menu button and then select “Control Panel”. You will want to look for the “Audio Control Panel”. You may not have an audio control panel depending on the brand and model of sound card.

You can search for or look for your sound cards control panel item in Microsoft Windows seven operating system. For example, you will want to look for Sound Blaster, Realtek, etc. Then once you find your sound card, you will want to browse into this control panel item and look for some speaker settings.

If you do not have more than two speakers and your sound card settings in Microsoft Windows seven operating system control panel is set to more than two speakers, than this might be why you do not hear audio in some YouTube videos. When I changed speakers from 7.1 to 2/2.1 on a Microsoft Windows seven operating system based computer, I was able to hear once again audio from YouTube videos. You may not have an audio control panel or an item for your sound card in Microsoft Windows seven control panel because sound card software for your physical hardware sound card was not installed.

You can always install the software that came with your sound card or look for software for your sound card on the Internet. These tips can be used on other versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems. For example, Microsoft Windows eXPerience, Vista, eight, ten, and eleven operating systems. The exact steps to get into the appropriate audio control panel or sound card properties will be different, depending on the exact version of Microsoft Windows operating system installed on your computer.

If these tips do not fix your problem where by some Youtube videos lack audio, you can try perform a Microsoft Windows operating system restore. You will want to choose a restore date back to before this Youtube audio problem began. Microsoft Windows operating system restore will then restore the operating system back to the period in time so to speak.

The exact specific instructions to perform a system restore for each version of Microsoft Windows operating system will vary. Hopefully, these tips helped you rectifiy this problem with some Youtube videos not playing any audio. The web browser I was using was Google Chrome web browser.

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