Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox – Octane Benchmarking Tool

Octane web browser benchmarking tool can help you decide between Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. This javascript web browser tool is no longer supported but still avaible for use. Octane version 2.0 is last version developed.

Developers of this tool recommend that you start a fresh copy of your web browser, before you begin this benchmarking tool. Click on “Start Octane 2.0” to begin this test. This tool consists of seventeen different tests.

* Richards
* Deltablue
* Raytrace
* Regexp
* NavierStokes
* Crypto
* Splay
* SplayLatency
* EarleyBoyer
* pdf.js
* Mandreel
* MandreelLatency
* Code loading
* Box2DWeb
* zlib
* Typescript

This Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser javascript benchmarking tool recommends following compatible web browsers as of two thousand twelve. Remember this tool has been retired but still functional.

* Google Chrome 14+
* Mozilla Firefox 13+
* Internet Explorer 10
* Opera 12+
* Apple Safari 5.1.7+

As this test runs you will see each test category along with a score in a table. You will see a final score at top of the screen. This final score is a geometric means average of all other scores.

I received the following scores in Google Chrome version 61 web browser with this tool.

Octane 2.0
Octane Score: 13043
Richards 13655 Core language features
Deltablue 17845 Core language features
Crypto 13576 Bit & Math operations
Raytrace 23754 Core language features
EarleyBoyer 15094 Memory & GC
Regexp 2393 Strings & arrays
Splay 7139 Memory & GC
SplayLatency 6244 GC latency
NavierStokes 17885 Strings & arrays
pdf.js 7736 Strings & arrays
Mandreel 13048 Virtual machine
MandreelLatency 25830 Compiler latency
GB Emulator 24544 Virtual machine
CodeLoad 8473 Loading & Parsing
Box2DWeb 12884 Bit & Math operations
zlib 35489 asm.js

I am not sure if a lower or higher score is beneficial. However, you can still use this tool to test your web browser for javascript capabilities. You are supposed to open and close your web browser each time you run this test.

The developers of Octane 2 recommend that you disable your anti-virus, close all other running programs, and make sure windows updates are not running.