Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox – Webxprt Benchmarking Tool

Webxprt is a free Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox benchmarking tool. You can actually use this tool to test any web browser for that matter. This tool is supported on Google Android phones, Apple iPads, and Microsoft Windows computers.

This benchmarking tool uses both javascript and HyperTextMarkupLanguage5 tests. All you have to do is click on “Run WebXPRT 2015” and a new window will open up. This test can take quite some time, depending variables like computer and Internet speed.

In upper right hand corner you will notice forty two blocks that change from green to blue as these tests complete. Eventually, a result score will be given. I ran this test using Google Chrome and received a score of two hundred and nine.

The current date and browser version is also displayed. There are six categories with test results.

* Photo Enhancement
* Organize Album
* Stock Option Pricing
* Local Notes
* Sales Graphs
* Explore DNA Sequencing

I think these results are in milliseconds. Also, your web browser will be tested for following areas of HTML5 capabilities.

* Canvas
* Canvas Text
* Canvas 2D Context
* WebGL
* Audio
* Video
* Video Ogg
* Video H264
* Video WebM
* Geolocation API
* Local Storage
* Web Workers

Each category will have a green checkmark next to it if your web browser supports it. I’m not sure if this tool is still being supported. As of the time of this blog post creation, version 1.998.2 from two thousand fifteen is the most current version.

You can submit your results for public consumption by clicking on a “Submit” button. You can download your test results by clicking on “Download”. Finally, you can run this test again by clicking on “Run Again”.