Google + – Google no Longer Requires Google Plus to Use YouTube

Google has decided today to no longer require Google + account profiles for use with other Google products. One of these includes Google’s YouTube video sharing website. This change will be rolled out in coming months.

Also, YouTube channel creators beware do not delete your Google + profile just yet as that will delete your YouTube account. In future you will be able to have a Google account without a Google plus profile. This has been especially tedious to some YouTube users.

You will still be able to use your YouTube account and or create a YouTube account without linking it with a Google plus account. Google plans on making this change for YouTube before their other services. If you have already created a Google + profile but no longer want it, you will be able to remove this public profile.

One immediate change is YouTube’s comment system. Starting today comments made with your YouTube account stay on YouTube. You will no longer see them displayed on your Google + account.

Also, your comments made from your Google + account will not show up on YouTube. Nothing else changes with regards to YouTube’s commenting system. In future weeks, YouTube will no longer require a Google plus account, to upload video(s), comment, or create a channel.

If you’re wanting to delete your Google plus profile from your YouTube channel do not delete it just yet as that will cause your YouTube channel as well. If you want to stay up to date with this announcement, then you might want to bookmark this Your channel and Google+ article. Also, you can check out this Everything in its right place Google blog post about other products affected by this divorce.