Hal Dll is Missing or Corrupt – How to Fix Hal.dll Problem

Today, I will be showing you potential solutions to a Microsoft Windows “hal dll is missing or corrupt” error message. Make sure that a boot order in a BIOS is correct meaning that for now make sure not to include any slave hard drive(s) in that BIOS. Only your hard drive that is getting that hal error should be enabled and listed in a BIOS.

If that’s not a solution can you try some following instructions:

1. Start your computer by using your Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 CD-ROM. Press any key to boot from that CD.
2. After those setup files are finished loading press R to repair using Recovery Console.
3. When you are in a recovery console, select an installation to log on to (usually number 1), and then press ENTER.
4. Login to an Administrator account by typing that password for this account, and then press ENTER.
5. At a recovery console command prompt, type a following command without those quotes, and then press ENTER: “expand d:i386ntoskrnl.ex_ c:Windowssystem32ntoskrnl.exe”
6. If you receive a prompt to overwrite that file, press Y.
7. Type exit, and press ENTER at a command prompt.

HAL DLL is Missing or Corrupt

Reboot that computer and see if that fixed your issue. If not, try to start that computer by using a Recovery Console as described above, and then run a chkdsk /r command. Reboot that computer and hopefully that will fix your problem.