Handheld Book – Fix Your Sony E-reader Software Problem Quickly

You are trying to reinstate your Sony eBook library e-reader version 2.3 set up from a CD-ROM, but a message keeps coming up that a wizard was interrupted. You tried re-inserting and re-running an installation CD-ROM. This software worked on your home machine before, that is before you had to reboot it.

A message coming up is “Wizard was interrupted in attempting to load this software, your system has remained unchanged”. You can perform a Windows 7 system restore. Basically, you pick a date before you started having problems with your software to restore Windows to.

Open System Restore by clicking your “Start” button. In a search box, type “System Restore”, and then, in a list of results, click System Restore.? If you’re prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type that password or provide confirmation.

Hopefully, this will fix your issue. It won’t affect your personal files and folders, but will revert back any software you installed from a restore point you pick. You could try a repair reinstall instead.

Handheld Book

Click on “Start” then choose “Control Panel. Select “Programs” and highlight Sony eBook Library 2.3. Click on a add/remove button.

Look to see if there is a repair option. Run a repair on that software and hopefully, it will fix your problem.