Hewlett Packard Laptops – Warranty Lookup Instructions

As part of my compute repair business, I often receive Hewlett Packard laptops to fix. I often times lookup the warranty status of these notebook computers. Hewlett Packard has a manual warranty lookup tool on their website.

You will need the serial number from your Hewlett Packard laptops. You can find this serial number, usually on the bottom of the laptop, either on a sticker or imprinted. Sometimes this number rubs off.

In that case you might find it in the computer’s basic input output system BIOS. Another place you might find the serial number is on the box when you purchased your laptop. Select your “Country of purchase from a drop down list.

Type in your “Serial Number” and then click on “Check Warranty”. After a few seconds you should be taken to a screen that displays your warranty status. You will either see “Expired” in red font or “Active” in green font next to “Warranty status details for your product”.

You will also be able to view your serial number and product number below this. The start and end date for your Hewlett Packard laptops warranty is shown. You can also view service type and service level for your warranty.

From this page you can click on links to obtain product information as well as software and drivers information pertaining to your exact model of laptop computer. According to this manual warranty lookup tool, if your warranty expires and you call Hewlett Packard for support you will be charged a fee. At the very least you will be able to view the warranty status for your Hewlett Packard laptops.

If you still want paid support for your out of warranty laptop, click on “Contact a support agent”. Then click on “Get Phone Number” on the next page. Just remember that you will most likely be charged a fee.