How to Disable Pop up Blocker in Google Chrome

Another computer request in the world order. This time I received one pertaining to Google Chrome web browser. Here is the original initial request verbatim:

“How do I get another tech I’ve been on this site for over 2 hours with NO help for a simple task. I don’t need a lawyer, I need a tech for a computer issue. I’m trying to get my pop ups to activate on Chrome in my MacBook Air.”

Here is my original initial response to this request:

You want to allow pop ups? Open Google Chrome, Click more or the three vertical dots. Scroll down and choose “Advanced”.

Click “Content” under “Privacy and Security”. Now click on “Pop ups”. Change the setting to “Allowed”.

How about more tools? Is there a “Settings” option? Choose settings and then look for “Show advanced settings”. You may have to scroll to bottom of that list in order to view “Show advanced settings”.

Look for and click on “Content”. Great now toggle that setting to off. Make sure to click OK in any windows or menus to save that setting.

That probably will save your settings. You can always test pop ups or go back into that menu, to make certain pop ups are still allowed. I would test to make sure pop ups work.

You could close Google Chrome then open it and test pop ups. These instructions were written for a Apple Macintosh MacBook Air computer. However, you could certainly use these instructions to disable pop ups in Google Chrome web browser on your Microsoft Windows based computer.

This will enable all pop ups in Google Chrome web browser. There is a way to keep all pop ups enabled but only allow pop ups for specific websites. First you want to browse to that specific website that you want to allow pop ups.

For example browse to In the Google Chrome address bar click on “Pop-up blocked”. Click on the link for the pop up you want to view.

Select “Always allow pop-ups from”. Then click on “Done” to make this permanent. From now on you will receive pop ups for this website but all other websites will be blocked.

You can add additional websites to this allow pop ups list to Google Chrome web browser.

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