How to Upload a Video – to

There a few alternative video platforms to One of them being I am going to describe how to upload a video to First, you will need to sign up for a DailyMotion account.

Once approved you will then need to sign into your DailyMotion account. Now you want to click on a generic avatar on the top menu to the right of the search box. Left click on that avatar and then choose “Partner HQ”.

You will be taken to your partner headquarters, which is your video dashboard. There is an “Upload” button towards the top left. Click on this button and you will taken to an upload page.

DailyMotion changed their upload interface about a month ago, so potentially they could change this page again in the future. Anyways, for now you can drag and drop up to ten videos to upload at a time. Also, you can click on “Selected video files” in the lower right hand corner.

This allows you to pick files to upload by browsing your hard drive. If you need more information about the upload process, you can click on “Learn more about uploading” on the lower left hand corner. I believe DailyMotion has a one gigabyte size file limitation.

Also, each video can be no more than sixty minutes. I am not sure how many videos per day that you can upload. Once you select a video file to upload you will be taken to a page where your file begins to upload.

You can enter in a title, description, and choose a category. I believe entering in a title and selecting a category is mandatory. You can enter in uniform resource locators or hyperlinks in the description box.

You are limited to 3000 characters in the description box. You can choose a different language under a “Language” box. Also, you can select playlists from an “Add to playlist” drop down.

You will need to create playlists before they are available in the video upload interface. You have three options for the visibility of your video under “Visibility”. Public, private, or password protected.

You can enter in up to 10 different tags under a “Tags” box. Also, you can place a check in the “Age-restricted content” box, so that younger viewers cannot watch this video. You are completed with the “Basic” portion of your video settings.

You can click on an “Advanced” tab or just click on “Publish” to publish your video. Also, you can click on “Cancel” to cancel this video upload. I usually do not make any changes under the “Advanced” tab.

You can configure “Geoblocking” settings. If you want to make this video featured then place a check in the box next to “Feature video”. You can manually set a “Record date”.

If you want to add subtitles then click on “Add subtitles” under “Subtitles”. Finally, you can choose what video that will play next by entering in a uniform resource locater link to another video in the “Play next” box.