How to Upload a Video – to

I just signed up as a content creator on the website I am going to walk you through the process on how to upload a video to First you need to sign up for a free account if you have not done so already.

Once you sign up and get your account created, you just log in into and you will taken to your account dashboard. From here you want to click on “Content”. Click on the “Draft” tab and then select “Post Videos”.

You can either upload a file directly from your computer or via a Uniform Resource Locator. For example you could upload a video from your YouTube channel. Do NOT upload content that you do NOT own the copyright to.

You can upload video content that is two gigabytes or less. These video files must be 720P or better quality. Click on the “File upload” button to begin uploading a video file from your local computer.

There will be a file upload progress indicator by percentage. You can create a title for your video between 3 and 120 characters in length. You can type in a video description of up to 1000 characters in length.

You can upload a custom thumbnail by clicking on “Cover”. Also, you can create a custom thumbnail by clicking on “Cover” and then sliding to a point in your video to create a custom thumbnail. To upload your own custom thumbnail you created, just click on a “Customized Cover” tab.

Then you click on “select a picture” to select a custom thumbnail from your computer that you want to upload. You are limited to 5 megabyte thumbnails. Once your video is finished uploading to then you just click on “Publish”.

Depending on length of your video it may take a few seconds or minutes until your video changes from “Pending” to “Published”