How to Upload Videos to Reddit

Reddit Incorporated announced on August seventeen two thousand seventeen, that they have completed their video beta program. Moving forward all reddit users will be able to upload their own video content directly to Reddit servers. Before, reddit users were required to use third party video platforms like YouTube.

Now, Reddit users can upload their videos directly to Reddit. However, there are some restrictions. The only video formats supported are MP4 and MOV. Also, videos are restricted to fifteen minutes or less.

You can either record videos with official Reddit applications or upload prerecorded video content. With a desktop computer you can just select a video file and upload. Reddit also features a Graphics Interchange Format converter, which allows you to convert an MP4 video into gif format.

Using mobile applications allow you to create shortened video clips. You will be able to watch and participate in Reddit threads at same time. To upload a video using a desktop computer, you click on a “Submit Link” on any subreddit that has video enabled.

Then you want to click on “Choose File”. Select any MP4 or MOV video file. Remember you are limited to fifteen minute videos for now.

Next you choose a thumbnail for your video. Type in a title for your video. Finally, click “Post” to submit your video.

Instructions for mobile applications are different. Click on “Post something interesting” at top of “Home” or on any subreddit that is video enabled. Click on “Post to r/__.

Now click on “Image/Video” to select one. You can click on “Camera” to record a video or select “Library” to upload a previously recorded video. Remember you are limited to fifteen minute videos for now.

Next, you add a title and then click “Post” to submit your video. For new Reddit users, you will need to wait thirty days and receive enough karma points to create a subreddit. Once you can create a subreddit, than you will be able to upload videos.