How to Use Craigslist – Saved Searches Email Alert Notification

I use for quite a few reasons. I have sold an automobile on Craigslist. I have even purchased multiple vehicles from Craigslist.

There are certain categories on Craigslist that I like to view each day. However, this can become time consuming and obviously one can get distracted. Craigslist has saved searches email alert notifications available to you.

I am going to show you how to use Craigslist saved searches email alerts. You want to first login to your craigslist account. Browse to a category that you would like to receive email alerts of search terms.

I am going to pick the computers section as an example. In a “search computers” box at top type in what you want to search for. As an example I typed in “laptop computer”.

On the right hand side of this search box you will see “save search” next to a search icon. Click on this hyperlink and you will be taken to your “saved searches”. By default your saved search email alert is turned off.

Click on a check box, under an “alert” box column to turn email alerts on. This check box will turn from “off” to “on” now. You have no turned on email alerts for the search term you typed in.

I will now receive email alerts for that search term laptop computer that I typed in. On right hand side you will see an “edit” and “delete” buttons. Obviously, if you want to delete this email alert than you just click on “delete”.

You can change the name of this alert and or change “Notification” from “Email” to “None”. You will no longer receive alerts everytime a new post is created for your search term in the category you selected. You can always turn this alert back on without having to recreate this alert.