HP Officejet Pro 6500A Plus – Drivers Download

A viewer of one of my Hewlett Packard YouTube videos actually called me asking where they could obtain a HP 6500A installation software CD-ROM. I don’t provide FREE telephone technical support. However, I asked if they would send me an email and I would try to find these drivers for them.

Aaron, Marshall Pxxxxxx here, Need help to get the CD for HP Officejet Printer 6500A Plus. Thank You

They currently need to install drivers and software for this printer. This is a common theme I have noticed supporting computers for decades now, is that often times people misplace CD-ROM’s that come with printers. Another reason being is that they purchased this printer pre owned off of Amazon, Craigslist, eBay, etc.

Printer manufacturers have become fickle as they generally will NOT mail you a replacement HP 6500A installation software CD-ROM for free. Depending on how old your printer is, you may not be able to purchase a CD-ROM at all. Some printer manufacturers are better than others when it comes to archiving drivers and software.

Hewlett Packard I would say with my experiences perform pretty well archiving printer drivers and software. You can obtain HP 6500A installation software from Hewlett Packard. Click on “Software and Drivers” and then click on “GO”.

It should detect what operating system you’re using and give you a download link. Hewlett Packard’s website performs pretty well when it comes to detecting your operating system. Usually, you just download that software that they recommend.

You can always broswe to a main product page for a printer and look for other information. Depending on factors such as age, model, and type of printer, sometimes you can just download a printer driver. This saves disk space as one caveat with Hewlett Packard printers is that their software downloads are quite large.

Also, Hewlett Packard provides user guides and installation guides for their printers. They even sometimes have video tutorials. What I have noticed with most Hewlett Packard printers I have installed or assisted with the installation of, is that most times you want to install the software from CD-ROM or Internet download first on Microsoft Windows machines.

Then you will be prompted to connect your printer. If you connect your printer first, Microsoft windows updates will attempt to install a driver, which will interfere with the installation process. Install software on Microsoft windows first and then hook up your printer when prompted.

Same rule of thumb applies when installing Hewlett Packard printers wirelessly. Go ahead and install via CD-ROM or Internet download first and then that software will prompt you when it is time to connect wirelessly. Obviously, reading the installation guide is also recommended.

However, this one tip of installing software on Microsoft windows operating systems first and then connecting your printer when prompted can save you alot of time and headache of not being able to get your printer working.