HP Pavilion Slimline – No Power Potential Fix

I received a recent in person computer repair customer. This individual brought me a Hewlett Packard Pavilion Slimline model S3507C computer system that would not power on. After closer inspection the power button would not engage correctly and thus it would not power on.

I tried the proverbial release of any electro static discharge. You will want to make sure that the power cable is disconnected from both the back of the computer and wall outlet. Now you can press and hold the power button for at least thirty seconds.

This did not fix this no power problem with this Hewlett Packard Slimline computer system. I took the computer system case cover off. You will need to remove three screws on the rear of the computer that tightens down the cover. Now you can remove the case cover completely.

Also, I had to remove two screws to loosen the multi card reader. The multi card reader is right next to the power button. The power button on this HP Pavilion Slimline model S3507 computer system is a two to three inch wider button.

This power button is attached to the front cover. You can release the front cover by pinching four plastic release mechanisms, one in each corner. Once I was able to get the front cover off, I found the small plastic power button.

With modern computers, many times power buttons are simply one plastic button that presses down on another smaller switch that is often times made out of plastic as well. You want to become careful with the smaller switch because the cables can snap off. Also, the smaller plastic piece that you press down on can break, since it is made out of plastic.

I plugged the power cable back into the computer and wall outlet. However, pressing directly on the smaller power switch did not properly engage any power. I gently moved the power switch around and kept tapping it. Finally, when I pressed down on the switch, power successfully engaged from the power supply.

Also, you could try disconnecting the power lead to the motherboard, if you still cannot get the power to engage. I placed the front cover bak on and booted the computer into Microsoft Windows operating system. I tested using the larger power button on the front cover a handful of times until I was satisfied that I successfully fixed this Hewlett Packard Slimline computer system no power issue.

My computer repair experiences with power switches, are that they rarely fail. However, you could replace the smaller switch that attaches to the motherboard if you still cannot get it to engage power successfully. Many times I have noticed that the smaller switch that connects directly to the motherboard sticks and does not engage properly.

I have noticed more power switches that actually were broken than actually fail to engage power from the power supply successfully. If you run across a broken front power switch, you might be able to find a replacement online. Also, if the front power switch is broken and or no longer engages power from the power supply correctly, you could remove it and use the spring action power switch that connects directly to the motherboard.

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