Install Java Update – Java Runtime Environment 8.0.1610.12

A new version of Java is now available. You may want to install Java update Java Runtime Environment 8.0.1610.12. I do NOT recommend using Java as it is quite bloated and historically full of security risks.

However, there are one or two software programs I use that require Java, otherwise I would NOT install Java on any of my computers. That being said, if you do install Java, it is highly recommended you install updates as they are released. Version 8.0.1610.12 of Java Runtime Environment has three new features, nine changes, and fourteen bug fixes.

* support for 8192 Diffie Hellman Ephemerality bits and 3072 Digital Signature Algorithm bits
* Rivest Shamir Adleman public key validation
* restrict dsa keys to less than 1024 bits
* generated keys stricter
* java virtual machine crashes

Java Runtime Environment is the version of Java that you would install on a laptop or desktop machine. This is NOT the developer version. You can always install Java update from a static download link.

Java is entirely free to use on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10, Macintosh OS 10.7.3 Lion, Linux distributions, and Sun Solaris operating systems. Java has many uses which include chat programs, video games, financial softare, etc.