Instant Messaging Application – Kids Messenger For Facebook

An instant messaging application designed for children has been designed for Facebook. This stand alone application is designed for smart phones and tablet devices. For now this free application is only available for Apple iOS devices.

* Apple iPad
* Apple iPod touch
* Apple iPhone

Children under the age of thirteen will be able to use this application. Facebook does NOT allow children under thirteen to sign up for a Facebook account. Parents must allow their childs device access to this application.

Also, parents can only allow specific contacts to interact with their child or children. Children can send text messages, participate in video calls, create videos and photograps. Also, children can participate in group chat discussions.

Messages that are sent from your child or children are never deleted so that you can spy, er I mean monitor their activity. These messages cannot be hidden as well. Your child(s) parents can chat with them with their regular Facebook messenger application.

These parents can allow other adults to chat with their children. For example they could allow grandparents and other adults. Facebook messenger kids does NOT require a telephone number. Your child or children could use this application over a wifi connection.

You need to download this free Facebook kids messenger application and install it on either an Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Then you must log into your Facebook account and grant access to your childs device. This process will NOT create a seperate Facebook account for them.

Then you create an account on your childs device for them. Remember this does NOT create an actual Facebook account for your child. Now you can monitor contact requests for your child or children. Also, you can add individuals such as family and friends on a contact list within Facebook.

Only those contacts on this approved list will be able to communicate with your child or children. Your child or children can chat with other children via Facebook kids messenger. However, both parents must approve this communication connection.

Your child will still be able to block persons that they do not want to interact with. They can also report activity from other contacts that they deem inappropriate.