Invalid Serial Number – How to Get Your Corel Product Installed

You are trying to install WordPerfect on your new computer. It keeps telling you that your serial number is invalid. In order to install a Corel product that says there is an invalid serial number, you must either call or email Corel technical support for instructions.

You can check out this Corel Support for invalid serial numbers. Depending on where you are in the world there are numbers listed for immediate support and an email tab at top of that page as well. Also, you can contact Corel Customer Service.

Make certain that you are using capital letters. Letters are case sensitive with Corel serial numbers. Also, if you copied and pasted your serial number, to make certain there is not any white space before or after your serial number.

White space in computing terms relates to a character space. When you press your space bar one time, you created a blank character space. If you are still having trouble entering in your serial number, then try entering it in manually.

If you ordered Corel products from their website, you should have received your Corel serial number in the order email. Also, if you have a Corel account, you can login and find serial number(s) for any software you purchased. If you purchased boxed software, there should be a sticker on the CD-ROM case with your serial number.

Also, make sure you are entering the serial number for the correct Corel software you are attempting to install. You want to make certain that you are entering in or typing the zero key 0 for the number 0. Make certain you are entering correct letters or numbers. Sometimes the number 8 may look like the letter B and vice versa.

If you are certain that you are entering in your Corel serial number correctly, then you can always contact customer service support. You will need to provide proof of ownership or purchase in order to receive support.